FX processor for the ER-301 - Rainmaker?

Hi guys!

I’m looking for a complement to my modules and specially for my upcoming ER301 … I’ve seen recently a lot of demos of the Intellijel Rainmaker, and I would like to know your experiences. I do mainly loops and sample mangling and I usually put all those things through the MI Clouds to add little spice … What do you think of the Rainmaker? Do you think it could be a good companion for the ER301, or the 301 is capable of doing similar things without muy CPU load? I will try to have a try with it soon and see what it can do with real instruments sounds and field recording apart from what I’ve heard with synth sounds, but I would like to hear your opinions …

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I’ve not owned a Rainmaker so my advice may not be very helpful, but I would wait until you get your ER-301 and give it a firsthand test to listen to how the various effects stack-up. I still like my Clouds, Strymon’s Magneto is great, but I also have a DLD and Erbe-Verb for when I need something different and “larger” from what they do well. The Rainmaker has always been too wide for me at 38hp. The DLD and Erbe-Verb together are only 2hp wider. But none of these other modules matter yet as I’d recommend to most anyone getting the ER-301 to experiment with it before committing to pairing FX modules to it, especially considering that you want to run field recordings through it which at least that end of the chain put’s nearly no load on the CPU anyway.


The Rainmaker is fantastic but it would take a LOT of mental bandwidth to learn the Rainmaker and ER-301 at the same time.

Rainmaker also has a very digital character, especially when pitch shifting. This is not a negative point except that you can easily achieve similar timbres on the ER-301.

I guess my punchline is practice with the ER-301 first and then decide which additional effects you want.


I sold my rainmaker last week, since the delays and pitch-shifting effects I used it for are something the ER-301 is very good at. I’ll tell you one thing: the ER-301 can do almost anything, but one thing it currently isn’t well-equipped to do is reverb.

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I would add a filter…

Thank you guys … I have external guitar pedal effects, but I’m planning to sold them. Is always difficult to add reverb only to one sound chain without affecting the whole sound, so I guess a reverb module would be nice. I’ve also seen the Strymon Magneto, but I don’t know why this module doesn’t attract me …

Maybe consider getting a GPI module from Retro Mechanical Labs and keeping the pedals?

Can you elaborate? The ER-301 has a reverb unit (Freeverb). It can be set up to affect an entire chain, or a single mixer channel. You can run multiple instances. With the new 0.4.x routing you could probably even set up a single instance in an FX send/return configuration to add reverb to multiple signals in different amounts. [I haven’t tried this yet - probably a worthwhile experiment.]

So from that perspective, the ER-301 is very well-equipped to do reverb. :wink:

Just thought elaborating a bit on why you think it isn’t might be helpful for new users, and also possibly for Brian as he continues to develop the firmware. E.g. don’t like the character of Freeverb, too CPU intensive, something else?


I think he probably means the character. I don’t like reverbs but I do like filters. In that respect I’d like to see some good filter or a detailed parametric eq…

Well … I’ve tried myself the freeverb in PD with the Bela platform and although I think the BigSky has more options, I must say that the sound is pretty nice …

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Oh well, @Joe, reverb is very demanding in terms of resources, and I believe that, with the power of what you can do inside the ER-301, reverb is best left to other specialized devices. Freeverb is nice sometimes, I use it, but I think that using a 301 to do reverbs is a bit of a waste.
If you can prove me wrong I’ll be the happiest man alive (take it with a grain of salt :wink: ). I’d pay to see a non processor-hog Big Sky/Valhalla-style reverb in the ER-301.


Nah, don’t think I can prove you wrong at this time. :slight_smile: Just wanted to hear your thoughts on it, and they pretty well match mine. It’s nice to have Freeverb in the ER-301 and it sounds pretty good for a lot of applications. Granted it doesn’t have all the parameters that you might find in a high end dedicated reverb, but it still sounds pretty good for a basic reverb. But, yeah, if I get pressed on CPU, Freeverb goes first, since reverb is not unique to the ER-301.

I actually like the filters in the ER-301 for what they are, which are digital 4-pole ladder filters. Personally filters are an area where I like to have some analog choices too (currently have Shelves, Pittsburgh SV-1, and Morgasmatron). What are you looking for in a filter Unit?

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Think you ate right, this analogue vibe…

Personally, I’m really looking forward to a builtin bandpass filter unit. It might also be nice to have LP and HP filters with a less steep slope (-12db/decade instead of 24).


+1 I find 2 pole filters a lot more useful for taming sounds than their 4 pole siblings. Especially if you think of them more in terms of mixing than adding character.

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Hello 301 lovers!
This has me all sorts of intrigued. I’m running out of cpu at the moment using too much Freeverb. To paraphrase wildly - there’s no such thing as a Freeverb :nerd_face:

Hugs for all

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I made a video about how to do this a while back.


I am a big fan of both delays and reverbs. A lot of what attracted me to the ER-301 was how adept and versatile it is in the whole area of delays, loopers, samplers, granular etc. Somehow Rainmaker never got my attention, but I loved Tyme Sefari mkII (aside from always being stuck with a low sample rate), and was looking into DLD or Reflex LiveLoop as an alternative when I decided on the ER-301 instead.

But I really don’t like the character of Freeverb at all – so I would almost agree that reverb isn’t one of ER-301’s strong points.

I generally prefer Erbe-Verb, Chase Bliss Dark World, or a number of VST plugins (all of the Valhalla DSP verbs and AudioThing Fog Convolver in particular).

However… in the ER-301 you can patch your own interesting psuedo-reverbs from delays, granular, allpass filters, etc. Coming up with a realistic, universally useful reverb through that method is a whole black art / mad science in itself, but coming up with something that complements the specific material you’re working with at the time is possible and rewarding :slight_smile:


I picked up a Rainmaker recently. In my opinion, it’s a brilliant, fun, deep module. I’m using it in pretty much every patch. It’s probably not for everyone, but well worth checking out some of the videos (from Mylar, DivKid) about it if you haven’t. Pairs very nicely with the 301.

I’ll second that - Rainmaker won’t be for everyone, but it will do everything from very simple delays to extreme sound design transformations rendering the original signal unrecognisable.

The resonator is superb - anyone who knows me will be amazed to hear that I think it’s better than Elements in some regards.

It’s super easy to program, there’s tons of headroom that allows full on feedback sculpting, the early problems of it being one of those modules you dare not touch after you have set it up to have a good sound are gone and it’s very playable.

And yes, it pairs extremely well with the ER-301 - a perfect match even!

It’s a keeper :slight_smile: