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FX processor for the ER-301 - Rainmaker?

yes, but
you’ll have to install modified versions of the firmware. available are Stock clouds, Clouds Parasites, and Jkammerl beat repeat Firmwares

I totally understand this, but as with all modules, it’s just one part, it can sound however you want it to, I have even had it sounding very similar to the Verbos which is anything but cold out of the box, but that’s kinda all it does (exaggerating slightly, but it does have a very specific sound) which is why I ended up selling it.

Each to their own hey :slight_smile:

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Ah, great, I didn’t know that, thanks!

Something I discovered with reverberation recently is that EQing the reverb tail can significantly alter the perceived quality. A high shelf rolled down two or three dB will do wonders on many otherwise “cheap” sounding 'verbs.

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It depends what do you expect from a FX processor: If you want a quick way of adding some effects (filtering, delays, reverb, distortion, etc.), I would say you will be better with something like Lyra-8 FX, Clouds, and so on. Though in my opinion there is no magic box that excels at everything, and for every effect, there are always different takes, tastes…

If you already have lots of pedals, consider getting something like the Harvestman’s Black Locust.

But if you are looking for an eurorack module that will keep you as busy as the ER-301 (probably doubling the amount of time you spend using your modular)… with the possibility of transforming any sound, going from subtle to beyond recognition, there is nothing like the Rainmaker. You can save and load presets, but even then (in my view) the Rainmaker requires one to spend time with it, sculpting the sound. In my experience, when I just want a quick effect, the Rainmaker is just too much.


I haven’t heard too many great results from the comb section yet – have you guys, by any chance. recorded something that you like that utilizes that part of the Rainmaker? Would love to hear.

I worked out a better plan to make space and sold a bunch of gear last night (maybe a bunch of people just got their tax refunds?) so I’ve got a Rainmaker on the way now.

@Joe and @anon83620728 provided the bait and Mylar Melodies set the hook :laughing:


Us both :roll_eyes:

Had it some time in the past, but others’ results show I didn’t really get it back then.


Be interested to hear what you think of it. Based on your posts, I think you will really enjoy it.

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I also just re-purchased a rainmaker thanks in large part to this thread. I don’t know why I ever got rid of it. The interface is fantastic for such a complex delay.


My delivery was delayed a day or so by a lazy postman, and I’m down with a cold and not full of energy or enthusiasm – but I’ve had a first spin on the Rainmaker and it’s exactly what I expected from watching the Intellijel and Mylar Melodies videos :slight_smile:

It does seem very much like the ER-301, in the sense that it’s complex and can have lots of things to set up, but the interface isn’t fiddly thanks to lots of buttons that make navigation faster. I wish it had ER-301’s glorious encoder though :grin:

It seems like it’s not hard to build up a patch in it, it’s just that there can be a lot of small elements. And speaking of Elements, yeah, I think this is going to be a lot of fun as a resonator – both on the comb side and the taps side.


Glad you’re digging it so far! Ha, yeah the ER-301s encoder definitely leaves you with a feeling of “meh” toward all other Euro encoders, doesn’t it? Definitely on my list to get deeper with Rainmaker as a resonator. I’ve scratched the surface but still have a lot to explore, I think. Be interested in hearing what you find there.

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I think I could dig having the rainmaker in one of those stand alone 4ms skiff boxes. Then it would be more directly infront of me I guess, but it’s too large for me to want to stick in my smaller er301 /sequencer case.

I hate it when threads make me wanna go spend more money :joy:

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The modular is never quite finished, is it? :slight_smile:


I will say there is beauty in rediscovering modules in new usecases that previously didn’t work for you.

This is how I feel about my Tetrapad. It didn’t work in my ER-301 case, it was awkward to fit my hands in to “play” it.

But when I saw the 4ms pods I was like “that’s the perfect scenario for that one”. I’m just waiting for the expander to come out and then I’ll throw them in a 32hp pod along with with a Doepfer foot controller interface and suddenly I have a little performance expression box I can move around as need be.

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Thanks again @Joe - I tried this and it went sort of ok!

I originally had a project with verb on pretty much every little thing. Re-arranging the mixers with sends and doing the edits to mixer controls (all which you were kind enough to demo in the video) left little room for error and most of all doing it after I had a dozen mixers wasn’t perhaps wasn’t ideal.

It seems like using a singular Freeverb unit is a no-brainer for saving CPU, so until there is some other way of doing this (?) I’ll keep using this method.

I should add that I really like to record in the 301 to a stereo track no edits.

lately after a long period of total absence of GAS i started lusting a bit after Frap Tools Fumana (2x 16 bands analog spectral processor).
the idea of pairing it with the 301 for trying out every kind of weird spectral transfers between samples, synth voices, fx’s is turning this little lust into a terrible itching :smiley:

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HAha, that’s GAS with a vengeance. I think you’re trying to make up for the lost time not loosing any money! But an interesting piece of kit to say the least.

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hheeheheheh yes, a convoluted form of masochism…