G inputs stopped responding until reboot

Not sure if this has been addressed already. Also, I’m still a few patches behind, so might have been fixed already.

Yesterday, my ER-301 suddenly seemed to become oblivious to incoming cv. All inputs indicate no incoming cv, even though I’m 100% positive that cv was being sent to several inputs. After rebooting my case, the ER-301 could see incoming cv and gates again for about ten minutes. After that, it became oblivious to incoming cv again.

Did anyone ever encounter this? I couldn’t see anything like this listed in the fixes. I’ll install the latest patch this evening to see if it’s fixed that way, so my whole question might be moot. If this is the case, apologies :slight_smile:.

All the best!


Wow, never seen this one before. I would be VERY interested in any information on the patch or any context around this. There is also a small possibility that there is a hardware glitch in your build (e.g. weak solder joint) that was able to pass testing but I doubt it since you said all of the CV inputs stop responding. The CV inputs are serviced by 2 separate ADC chips, so if it was a hardware glitch I would expect half of them to stop responding rather than all of them.

Anyway let’s get you your own thread.

Hi Brian,

Thank you for the quick reply. I’ll try to repeat what happened this evening (European time). I think I left everything patched in yesterday, so I’ll also provide detailed information on what’s being patched where.

I’m pretty sure Tempi was sending clocks in one of the “G” inputs and some of the “A” inputs. If I’d try to have them clock something, I’d see nothing when scrolling through the inputs and nothing was triggered.

Also, I did not try all inputs after it happened. It was already late and I figured it was probably a bug and went to sleep :').

I was able to recreate the problem. Apparently, it are only the G-inputs that are affected.

Patch was:

units used were noise sources and sine oscillators, delays, quantiser, … I was attempting to create some crazy exciters for rings and used tempi to trigger everything. Only inputs used were tempi to several of the G-inputs and a joystick to modulate several parameters (A, B, C, D).

Today, I recreated the patch and just like yesterday, after a while it sort of stopped. After analysis, (A, B, C, D) inputs still respond to the joystick, but the G-inputs don’t see the tempi anymore.

I’m trying again with the newest firmware now.

Edit: Happened again with the latest patch. Usually takes about 30 minutes before the G-inputs stop responding.

Am I wrong to fear that it might be something with the 12 bit ADC?

May I ask you to patch up all the G inputs with various sources from your modular (do not use just the Tempi), and do not create any units. Leave the ER-301 on for an hour and use the scope view to see if there is still any signal.

Thanks. I’ll do this when I get home from work.

Also, while you are at it I would be grateful if you did your next test with v0.1.6pre-patch13 that I just released. I went into the ADC driver and cleaned some timings up but unfortunately there was nothing obvious that would cause your problem. I would say hardware is the number one suspect, once we rule out any external factors.

However, the good news is that the 12-bit ADC lives on the red CPU board which you can easily replace yourself. Once we decide that is the next logical step, I will give you instructions for that.

I’ll make sure that the newest patch is installed.

It’s wonderful when a manufacturer is so involved with a product. Nothing but respect for your great work on the ER-301!

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So eh, after the new patch it’s been behaving well for 4 hours :p.

The G-inputs seem to work fine now.

Used cv: Tempi, maths, batumi and white noise

Hmm. I’m not really ready to believe that my ADC driver tweaks had anything to do with the problem mysteriously going away. So let’s keep watching it please.

Ok, thanks! I’ll let you know if it happens again.

Maybe the problem didn’t happen because I wasn’t using it actively (patching cables in and out all of the time)?

Patching cables seems unlikely but there is still a question of the chains that you were using. Do you recall if the signals were still present in the scope view the last time the problem happened? For example, if there was feedback in the signal path then signal amplitude could potentially just grow and grow until it no longer crosses the comparator thresholds AND this runaway signal would probably not be visible on the mini-scopes shown between units because it would be out-of-range.

I don’t think there was anything going on that could create feedback like that.

If I recall correctly, the only signals going into the G inputs were 2 tempi clocks.

Chains within 301 were white noise and sine oscillators through a vca (modulated by external envelopes) through several delays and a quantizer.

The ER-301 lost it’s gate inputs again a few days ago.

It seems to be something that doesn’t happen often, but does happen from time to time.

Hey @Devo-lution it’s now a bit more than 90 days later and I was wondering with all the firmware changes we’ve seen if this has ever been an issue again?

The issue hasn’t really occurred lately, but I haven’t had the time to play for longer than an hour at the same time over the last few months.

I really should get down to testing whether the issue can still occur when using the unit for longer periods of time. Will report back on this.

I lost G1 the other day. G2 still worked, but I didn’t test any others. I rebooted and haven’t had any problems since. I also don’t tend to leave things on for more than a couple of hours at a stretch.

I just experienced the same issue. None of my G inputs were working. I did a quick save, rebooted and all are now working. Strange. I’m running 0.5.03 (48kHz, 128 samples).

Thanks for reporting.

Although I’ve not been able to capture an instance of this happening here, in the upcoming v0.6 firmware I’ve introduced logic that restarts the ADC hardware for the G inputs when it detects that the silicon is no longer generating ADC interrupts. It’s admittedly a shot in the dark but hopefully better than doing nothing.

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Thanks Brian. One additional note: my ER-301 is hooked up to i2c bus with Teletype(master), Ansible, Txo, Txi, Disting EX and 16n fader bank. However I was not using any SC units when this happened. This is the first time I’ve noticed the issue.