Gate at the end of audio loop + ADSR to generate Gate after each seg

Hello all, i’m new here, i have a couple of questions (and remarks) :

1°) Is it possible to generate a gate at the end of a loop? For triggering next slice in auto mode.

2°) Same idea with ADSR, it would be nice if each segment could generate a gate at the end of themself.

3°) UI is already near perfect, the only thing i find weird, is to push “fire” to activate a trig, because you need to activate 2x buttons (select the trig part + triggering it). I wish “M” button could selecting and triggering at the same time, and maybe triggering without selecting, to keep the focus on something else when triggering.

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For your questions 1 & 2: no. The current paradigm of built-in units is “one output per unit”. The loopers and EG units have their outputs occupied with loop audio or envelope CV, respectively. From where would these extra outputs emanate?

Practically it should be possible to build units with sub-outputs only accessible via local connections (introduced in v0.4.x). I don’t think anyone has built such a unit yet, though.

In the meantime you can avoid these issues with clever patching. E.g. it is not hard to patch a slope detector to generate EOR-type signals from ADSR input. And for loop triggers, you could use a stereo buffer where the left track is audio and the right track is clicks corresponding to the end of your loops.

For question 3: I agree that the performative potential of the interface hasn’t been realized yet. Most ER-301 users would tell you to get some handy helper modules like the ADDAC Manual Gates. We are entering new territory now with v0.4.16 where Brian is introducing Hold mode; I can see the potential for an entirely ER-301-centric performance control panel someday, but we have a ways to go!


i think it is in the philosophy of this module to need connections with a larger ecosystem and i find it a good thing especially control-wise. not anyone has the same needs and the modular system give us tons of different ways to control our signals :slight_smile:


@onosendai please check my new FuncGen custom unit to see if it might suit your needs. feedback welcome