Gate out not working on Track 3

Right now my Gate out on Track 3 won’t start the envelope on the intellijel dual ADSR

Now I know that this ADSR can be finicky but I think it’s strange that the Gates on Track 1, 2, 4 will trigger/start the envelope.

I switch the Gate out on Track 3 to Tr (trigger) and was able to get it to fire the envelope, so it appears to be the Gate.

Any ideas?

Hello Tom, very strange, have you tried to copy a track wich is correctly firing from track1 to track 3.

Can you check if there is a slightly lower voltage coming from Track 3’s Gate, using a scope or similar?

FYI, you can use the CV inputs of the MOD bus as voltage meter (+/-0.001V accuracy) to check external voltage values. Just set the GROUP MODIFIER switch to ‘slope’, choose X, Y, or Z, set the slope value for one of the parameters to 1.000 and observe the actual voltage value in the VOLTAGE display.


So it seems to be working now, same snapshot

No idea what happened, powered the case down/up a few times and we’re good. :man_shrugging: