Gate Output Voltage

Hi Folks

Is it possible to set the voltage of the Gates?
If yes, how?

Cheers Zwicky

gate voltages are fixed: “gates or triggers, LOW < 0.1V and HIGH > 9.5V”

that’s what i thought…

Brian!?! Is there a possibility to add a couple of lines to the config file where one would be able to set the low/high values for the gates? Being able to set the values independently for each track would be awesome.

No it is not possible. The high level voltage of the gate is fixed in hardware.

What are you trying to do?

Its just that my BlueLM ADSR doesn’t like those high gates. It works fine with some attenuation, so no worries. But it would have been cool if I could have set it directly on the er101.

FYI: A properly designed eurorack module should be able handle any (current-limited) signals from -12V to +12V without any problems.


Yeah I know. And yet I love that ADSR too much to replace it with something properly designed.

I just checked their website…
So they made a new version where the CV input has a built in attenuator…
probably for a reason
They could have done this right away from the beginning

Attenuator on the CV input? That should have nothing to do with the gate input.

Oh yeah true… it has nothing to do with the gate
sorry, just got up and im still on my first coffee

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Unless I am having a silly brain fail, you could just make up some passive attenuation cables, say two 50K or 100K resistors, one on signal (in), one on ground and both connected to signal (out) to make a simple L-pad - this will cut the voltage in half.

You would have to do the maths if you wanted anything else, but there’s loads of calculators online, just search for L-pad calculator.

Or if you don’t fancy that get some of the RYO Airtenuators.

Ooh… brain wave: use your second CV out as a gate!


edit: just in case it isn’t obvious, you need to use two steps in the ER-101 for each step of your sequence doing it this way, i.e. every other step has 0 output!

Hey Kel
Thanks for your inputs. I like the idea with the passive attenuator cable. I will try it.
To use CV B as gate is not an option. I use the track for the DPO and i need both CVs for pitch.

tbh i would think about getting a new envelope…this design isn’t special and if you encounter a problem with the er101 gate out you will have more problems in the future, a gate or trigger around 10V is completely normal and as brian said, a properly designed module should handle that without any problem whatsoever.

but to add something more constructive, koma makes such an attenuator cable kel described:

Don’t worry i have other envelopes too. I have a maths, peg and quadra.
But i still keep the blue lantern adsr for the gated mode. Probably there is a better module outthere which can do all the same but i also dont have endless money. Its all fine for now.