Gear lust advice concerning the 0-Coast

Hello there, I am in indecisive turmoil and could use some help. I’ve been seriously lusting after a Buchla music easel for some time, but will likely not ever be able to afford one, and so I’m thinking of buying an 0-coast. The ER-301 is doing a lot of the heavy lifting in my system, and so I’m thinking of selling everything to get an 0-coast, to leave me with a micro system of a switchblade, Pam’s new workout, ER-301, 0-Coast, and some utilities. I’d be selling my tides, peaks, Jove, and Demora. I’m just scared I’m giving up too much functionality for this analog wave folding lust which could quite possibly be a passing want. What do you guys think?

I also like the idea that the 0-coast seems like a complete instrument that lends well to performance, which is very important to me.

in my experience, buying things to emulate the thing you actually want never works out.

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The 0-coast does look nice, but I would be concerned it’s a luxury or glam item. What are you trying to do with it?

I essentially am looking for an instrument which seems performable. I like the idea that I don’t have to necessarily patch everything on the 0-coast, since connections are already made. I am looking for a complex oscillator (analog) which can be changed (envelopes, wave shapes, wave folding) quickly and intuitively and where I visually know what’s going on without following a bunch of patch cables around in the dark if I’m performing.

sounds like you should go for it then.

Yes, I’m mainly concerned about losing out on tides’ and peaks’ functionality as envelopes and am wondering if the 0-coats envelope will be as fulfilling.

So it sounds a bit like you want to balance that off opposed with peaks and tides? It would depend on what you were / are you doing with those two modules, I guess?

An ER-301 with one analog “performance” module does sound like fun. Sorry, I’m no help… you seem to know what the stakes are, so it’s up to you to decide if you want to go down that road

My setup is very similar to the one you’re describing. I have a tiny skiff case which is basically just an ER-301 and a Just Friends with a few more utility modules. Beside that is a 16n, two cv.ocd’s and an 0-Coast. I then sequence from either a laptop, Deluge or Pyramid.

The 0-Coast is pretty rad, it’s a complete voice all ready to go with no patching other than a MIDI input. I really like the sound of it for melody lines and percussive sounds, the envelope is super snappy.

It’s also just a super useful utility module. You can use the envelopes in the ER-301 for that snappier sound. Or use it as as an offset for the ER-301. Or a clock. LFO. It’s kinda crazy how many uses I keep finding for it.

It’s definitely got a sound, so if you watch all the various videos and you’re like “I like that”, then yeah, why not pair with with an ER-301.

Well, you’ve sold me. That was what I needed to hear. Thanks!! It sounds rad and I think I’ll be able to get from one sound to another easily and quickly, rather than having a bunch of oscillator patched up and going and mixing between them. I kinda want to learn one powerful voice really well and learn how to manipulate it intuitively. Anyways, thanks man!