German Import / VAT fees - ER-301

Would anybody who has received a 301 in Germany happen to remember what your import/vat fees were? I’m getting conflicting information. I speak German, but deciphering cryptic German government text is beyond my abilities.


I’ve got my ER-301 two weeks ago. I paid 169€ in total.


Wow Germany that hurts. I’ve never understood why Germany puts such high taxes on intellectual goods that are used in the creating of derivative works such as software, movies, music, and other arts which would then seem to have the effect of making these tools less accessible to a wider bunch of innovators.

Paid pretty much that in GBP - I would imagine it’s similar across Europe!

It is expensive. Depending on where my package is kept (the customs office it is being held in, I mean.) I can get the fee waived, but I do sympathize with Europeans and the extra bloat all of their purchases incur.

If I have to drive to Koeln, for example, I’ll probably just pay the fee.

Based on the amount you paid taichber you paid VAT and a import fee. Are they charging for the total sum of the ER-301, or the cost minus the shipping fee (which I estimate to be around $40-75)? Doesn’t seem like much but when VAT is 19% it adds up quick.


It’s 19% VAT + about 3% customs duty.

are there any vat exemptions if you’re running a business?

Here in Canada I can claim any taxes paid on equipment used in my business, and i’ll get it back or owe less depending on how the business is doing.

Oh I bet there is something along those lines. I found the customs regulations like trying to read greek. I imagine all the business laws and exceptions are just like that. Germany’s industry and manufacturing are legendary though, so there has to be some pretty great incentives to help bolster that industry.


as with almost all customs agencies, you’re basically at the mercy of their mood that day.

Mine cost around €190 if i remember… 18% duty in Malta is pretty low for Europe. Then i had an inevitable extra administration fee!

Yeah the only burden it would seem now is waiting for all of the government entities to do what they need to do. It sat in Frankfurt’s custom office for 5 days, and is now sitting in Koblenz for Rheinland Pfalh’s custom’s office. (federal and now state customs) Who knows how long they are going to take to assess the fee, etc.

In the future, I’ll be definitely going another route.


163 Euros (today) 5 days for the customs stuff, which is pretty fast.


Here is to hoping the custom folks in Koblenz don’t take forever. It is so close!!!


I ordered my ER-301 yesterday and hope to ship it to Belgium without having to pay VAT on top. When I buy equipment in Europe, VAT is waivered through my business but I don’t have a clue how it works when buying from Japan. Does anyone have experience in that department? Is it enough to have a European vat number on the invoice?

(I’m still waiting for my purchase confirmation email by the way… so I can’t officially start counting the days)

Although it’s a bit long ago (2017 I see), did it work? Or, did you have to pay extra taxes?

Maybe if someone in Belgium sees this in 2022, I’d be curious to know what taxes are at present (to be paid ‘en plus’), or at least a more recent experience?

Thanks in advance.

Uff, was it that long ago?? Crazy. So, I did have to pay import taxes of course, I believe it was somewhere around 150/200 euros. There have been changes for import taxes recently but probably nothing very beneficial. Are you in Belgium?

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Yes, I’m in Belgium.

The only comparison I have was my Deluge, which came from New Zealand. I think when I bought the Synthstrom Deluge the extra costs were about 190€ (the Deluge was 999$ and P&P 30$), although I think it would be a bit more now due to exchange rates.

Anyway, any info could be useful.

Thanks in advance.

The Deluge experience should be very similar. If you are willing to pay an extra 200 bucks and you can get an order in for the ER-301, go for it.

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