Getting CV Out of the ER-301

In this video, I demonstrate a strategy for getting CV (or low frequency) signals out of the ER-301 so that they can be used to control other modules. I am using another module to assist with this process - in this case an Expert Sleepers Disting mk4. But I think very likely many ER-301 owners will have some module in their case that could perform this function.

Something about the camera makes me say or do dumb things sometimes. About the 1m mark, I mention that the signal the skewed sine envelope unit produces would be difficult for me to produce with other modules in my rack. Meanwhile, my camera is pointed at a Maths. I think I could probably create a similar signal with Maths with relative ease, so I’ll offer this video with some apologies to the good folks at Make Noise and attribute it to my momentary ignorance. :smiley_cat:

Nonetheless, I think the rest of the concepts in the video are sound!


This is really clever, not sure it’s something I would bother to do, as you say most of us have other modules that would be able to generate the same signals elsewhere and if they needed to be inside the ER-301 too it makes total sense to do it in the intended way i.e. generate externally and send into the ER-301 rather than the other way around.

I remember some folks were pretty keen on having the ER-301 output CV, I can guess what those might be, but I am interested to hear any strong use cases for this, would anyone care to share?

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Count me as one of those people who would love to have a cv out expander. Processing cv with the 301 is really fun and it would be fun to spit that out to the rest of the system


This isn’t really what you are asking for, but I found it intriguing regardless. How to use amplitude modulation and a filter to get CV out of an AC coupled audio interface.

I guess it’s more or less the same thing that @Joe was talking about.


I’m using Bitwig as my one and only DAW and have the ES-8 setup with an ES-6 and ES-3 for a total of 10 ins and 16 outs. Now you’ve got me thinking about the routing to take signals out of my modular and routing it back as CV, unfortunately it’s not going to be tested any time soon by me as I’m tackling some other pressing items at the moment. Thanks for the tip.

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Haven’t jumped on the Bitwig train yet, but a friend of mine in town gets reliable CV values (including 1v/oct) to and from his modular and Bitwig using an ES-8, which for me makes a compelling case to check it out. Has this been true for you @Unity2k? I’ve tried with my modular in the Max environment but haven’t gotten proper 1v/oct results yet.

As for a CV output module @anon83620728, your post on the expander thread makes for a green opportunity in reusing the ‘old’ SOM and I think that’s brilliant if it is possible. I’m on board with @rbeny in that the ability to both process CV within the 301 and output that CV elsewhere in the modular system is really enticing!


When tuning oscillators from Bitwig through the ES-8 to my modular - no problem.

Damn clever !

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super old thread…been digging around…

is there any plans for CV out from the ER-301? if so please direct me.

this module would be the most insane module around, if all the things it could do could be applied to other modules. [to dream!]

I’m no engineer, but the CV ins ABCD, could they be made bidirectional? [please tell me what I want to hear] :slight_smile:

Brian Talks about that in this thread

It sounds like his Design Philosophy for the ER-301 was not to have it be able to do CV out.

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