Global Chain Trickler

now that we have global chains, and thinking way back to bussing discussions in the 0,1.x days… what if there was a unit that could send signal to the input of a global chain (by a modulatable amount) while simultaneously passing the unit input signal to the unit output as well?

This would open the door for some pretty advanced routing - as we’d finally be able to push signals to multiple destinations anywhere in the chain + the chain output.

Seems like most of the infrastructure is in place to implement something like this?


a basic application example would be using it as an aux send.


Channel 1:

Audio IN --> Ch1 > Looper > Trickler > Ch. Mixer > Out 1

Trickler is feeding a global chain that contains i.e.: a Delay and EQ.

the Channel 1 Ch Mixer has it’s input set to the Global Chain output.

Why are you restricting its destination to global chains?

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hah - true! What if upon adding one of these units, it’s signal showed up in the input list under globals or some fancy name you’ll come up with? :innocent:

I believe that’s where most of the cleverness is required. My first hunch is to make the scope global (names have to be globally unique just like global chains) and initialized the name to some generated but unique name (like send012) but let the user rename it (as long as it is unique).

would a prefix before the user re-namable bit be too cheesy? Or introduce simple icon prefixes representing inputs, Locals, globals, paths/busses, etc?