Global CV fine tune for real time record on ER-101?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to do some real time recording with the 101/102 combo.
The issue I am facing is that the quantized output of the 101/102 is out of tune with my other oscilators (and they have no fine tune control :frowning:
So… I was hoping there was a way to add a offset to the CV coming out of the 101/102?
or is the only way to make new tables with all the values offset?


Curious though - should you just tune your oscillators and everything else according to the ER101?

I wonder which oscillators you have without tuning possibilities?
Normally you tune your system to your sequencer CV outs, be it with an additional voltage offset module or quantiser.

Using the chord organ, which is fixed at A440…
I am using an SDS_VCO with it.

When jamming, I turning the quantizer on the SDS_VCO and it was perfectly tuned with the chord organ.

But… when I tried recording into the 102, I disabled the quantizer on the SDS_VCO but the way the 101/102 quantized during recording was not in tune (i.e. different to the SDS_VCO quantizer)

I also tried an inteljel uscale and that worked ok.

So, I assumed the 101/102 isn’t ‘tuned’ to A440? or it’s quantized voltages are not the same as the other quantizers.

any tips?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Just letting you know that the v2.17 ER-102 firmware (released today) adds the ability to set the key of the note display which was previously fixed to the key of C. So, if I understand correctly, you should be able to fix your problem by setting the display root note to 0.A.00 in track configuration screen.