Global lock of module

it would be extremely good to have some sort of global lock for the module, a button combination where one could make all interaction with the module impossible. i’m thinking about installations and other cases where the module quietly runs on its own.

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am i alone with this wish??

Work around: lock it in a box :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

I get it.

I don’t have a use for it.

Personally speaking, I wouldn’t leave anything like this unattended and open for access even if I could lock the screen, what’s to stop folk pulling cables out for example? Perhaps this is more likely than pressing buttons?

A see-through screen or other physical barrier would be my preference.

not for completely unattended scenarios, but imagine a exhibition where the guard has several rooms to watch over so can’t constantly watch one piece alone. it’s also not a likely case that people go there to push buttons or pull out cables, it’s just a safety measure. all children i know like to push buttons as soon as they see some, and such a big beautiful knob is also attractive :slight_smile:

i sure work around this now. but i thought i request a lock feature for future firmware updates.

Definitely possible, although a secret button combination is probably not the way to do it in my opinion.
Still I would wonder what is the point of locking just one module? :thinking:

i use and want to use the module more in installation settings where it is basically alone in a mini case and drives different speaker or exciters. so it’s really only for such occasions i think a lock function would be nice, however if noone else wants this then i can work around for sure.

I can certainly see the appeal in such a circumstance but, as Kel suggested, I’d probably lean more toward a clear protective enclosure given the relative fragility and expense of a eurorack setup.

I am interested to view any links you might have to said installations? I purchased your album and am enjoying it.

not really a finished installation, more a test on the occasion of my new record release:


about the lock button
it would be nice if whenever you want to you put it on and it freeze the state of the 301 then you move watherver you want and when you go back to normal it comes back to initial state (the moment when you put in on) could be a nice alternative use . even more if you can fade form one state to the other and choose the fade speed .
just an idea i had to say :wink: