Global vs. Output Chains

Hey gang, so far I’ve been building all my patches within the channels themselves. But I noticed that when @odevices shared his Karplus patch he had it setup as a global chain which got me thinking about possible dis/advantages of building in one or the other. Haven’t really explored that global layer yet too much.

I’d be curious to hear how other people are using it and how it’s incorporated in patch building vs. performance setups.

Global Chains perfect for feedback setups and for routing the output to multiple places in your patch - or both :slight_smile:

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I am working on a Custom Unit that uses Gate 1 in several places, some of which are several layers of hierarchy down.

If another user loads the Custom Unit into Channel 3 and expects to use Gate 3 to trigger it, it seems like they would have to go through the Unit looking for all Gates.

Am I approaching it wrong? Should I be creating a Global Unit with a single gate which is referenced in the Custom Unit? That way the user only has to replace the gate once? Or is there some other way to solve the problem?

EDIT: Aha! I just realised you can scroll the list of Local controls and there is a “Gate” - so I can use that! Apologies for derailing the thread a little.

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Actually it was just a chain preset that could be loaded into a Global Chain or an Output Chain (which you have called channel). When I created the preset I was working in the OUT1+2 chain.

I changed the title of the thread to reflect the correct language. I’m not sure why I stumbled on that.

In fact, when I went back and looked at it, I can’t figure out why I was able to figure out how to load the preset in the global chain and not the output chain.

For whatever reason, when I’m building things in the output chains I’m so used to loading custom unit presets by focusing on the unit header, pressing Enter and scrolling through that list. When I focused the arrow on the header of the output chain I was expecting to load the preset by pressing enter, I didn’t notice the Load button on the lower screen.

But then the I guess the global chain was ‘newer’ for me that I was looking outside of muscle memory and my eye caught the Load button. Makes total sense now.

Back to the broader conversation, I’m thinking in a performance setup that it makes sense to keep “instruments” in the global chain and then have “effects” in the output chains. Then use mixer units to send things around. The advantage would be that you could keep “user” view focused on the controls of an effect and the “admin” on the controls of an instrument so it would be easy to change views between them rather than click back out and into the other one. Fun stuff.

This is a very good idea! I’ll do some tests :slight_smile:

To me the one small disadvantage with a global chain is with persistence. If a global chain is part of your overall patch, you’ll either need to do a quick save to store the entire machine state, or load the channel chain and global chain presets separately. It’s not a huge deal, but in terms of sharing it sometimes requires a little more explanation about how to load it, and of course remembering how to recall it yourself down the road if you don’t do the quick save approach.

The rest is all upside since the output of a global chain can be referenced anywhere in the system that you can select an input.

I guess if I’m building something I plan to share on the forums and can make it work all contained inside a custom unit, I probably prefer that approach to global + channel chains and uploading the quick save. Middle layer will probably be the new preferred solution once I understand more about it. :slight_smile:

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sorry if i derail a little…but it is related:

i remember i read that one can use a custom unit out as input on another unit. but i cannot find it in the local controls… how is that?
i can find global stuff easily but i’m unable to use the C.U. output.
do i need to place the c.u. in the global chains in order to see its output? but then what “locals” inputs means? maybe i’m just a lil confused…

EDIT: ok i got the “locals” part (i even used it in a chain), it relates to custom controls and it’s available only for parameters of units inside the actual custom unit. but the first part of the question remains…have i dreamt that we can use custom units for routing?


Custom unit local controls have subchains that you can program like any other! :smiley:

ok but can i have another unit outside of the CU monitoring the output of a CU?

Yes!! Why not?

I think @hyena’s question is, is it possible to set a Units input to be a CUs output, in the same way you can set an input to be a Local control or Global Chain.

(I don’t know the answer, myself)

I’m not sure what the confusion is, unless we’re talking about different things and I have totally misunderstood (always possible!) :smiley:

There are currently two ways to do it, place your custom unit in a global chain, you can then assign that output anywhere.

The other way is to dedicate a channel 1 - 4 and route the output of that anywhere you like.

Using both of these methods you can route the output back into the custom unit at any point in the chain whew you can assign an input. Multiple locations even.

Of course you need to pay attention to your gain staging to avoid excessive feedback, but between these two methods you can achieve an awful lot. It’s worth noting that these both work with CV internally!!


thanks Kel, ok so it is as i thought. i don’t know why but i had in mind that the custom unit’s output could become a routing point accessible from wherever (à la global chain).
so global chains is the place. thanks again for clarifying :smiley: