Good or better -- alternative -- sequencers to the er-101?

Someone just sent me this, which has 16cv outs, They’re selling it – I’m not in the market, just intrigued,

It also has a eurorack interface
I don’t know anything about it.
Obviously the 101 has has 8+4 outs, and expansion possibilities.
Advantages and disadvantages of both? 16 outs seems at that limit.
The Cirklon is more expensive.

How good is the er-101?

How much are they selling their Cirklon for? :smiling_imp:

I have a Deluge and a Pyramid, I’ve really enjoying them both.

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I can’t speak to the Cirklon, but I really enjoy the er-101/102 combo. It’s input based, rather than grid/step based (like a Stillson Hammer or Eloquencer) which can be nice depending on your preferences and workflow. With the 102, you can do a lot of modulation, recording, and sub sequencing, I don’t know of any other sequencers that can do that. @SonicVoltage has an amazing 4 part youtube video series if you haven’t seen it already.

Hermod is open-ended and works really well as a midi interface but it completely different in its UI approach from the 101. I think it really depends on your workflow and the kind of music you want to make though.

fwiw, my workflow is mostly pre-programming of effects. so in effect [i guess] no traditional v/octave voices, little use of multiples or cv modulation, and not much live sound creation, being able to hear how things sound before playing. sound boring?
i had never really wanted a sequencer before, never saw anything i thought i’d like working with, until i saw the er-101/2. 12 outs, single dial and recording functions esp, i guess… i doubt i’ll be using all their features, e.g. because groups will probably be mostly limited to adding non destructive jitter or random values.
working with math transforms on the modules i have will be, i’d imagine, unworkable for anyone un-familiar with the modules. by which i mean i’m guessing i won’t be able to use maths transforms usefully, with results that are interesting in their own right rather than what values have been entered. i make music for myself but would be less concerned with that.

thanks for replying. i really want to use my synth tonight but can’t

The NerdSeq is popular with ER-301 fans. It has a lot of outputs (6 channels with CV/gate/mod each, plus 4 outputs dedicated to sample playback, plus expanders on the way if that’s not enough) and a very live-play friendly UI. It has a good and improving selection of randomization, LFOs, and other “effects” that can be applied to modify a step or a track.

Also, if you watch elsewhere on the forum, it’s on the way to getting direct patch-cable-free integration with the ER-301 via I2C.

Sounds to me like you’ve already made up your mind :smirk:

I can’t really recommend the 101/102 enough, personally. Although, there are a variety of existing opinions throughout this forum/Muff Wiggler/youtube.

yeah… sorry for the shitposting.

My apologies, I wasn’t trying to imply anything like that. I think the posted question is perfectly valid :slight_smile: