Grain delay noise

Hello everyone, when I put the grain delay at the end of a (live input) chain, I get this low droney noise. I have to put a high pass at 600-700Hz to make it go away, but then I lose the bass frequency for the whole chain.
Anyone else having this issue? Found a workaround? I think it might have something to do with the noisefloor being granulized, but I’m not sure. As soon as I turn up the “wet” slider, it is there.


I just tried it out. I would agree with your hypothesis. I changed my preamp settings, and the “modular level” setting removed the hum. I tried boosting the signal with a vca after the grain delay, but the hum was there.
I’d assume, like you figured out, a hpf is the best bet.

I don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish. But you could probably maintain your low frequencies, while passing through a 2 bands unit (hpf>delay on one band, lpf only on the other to only let bass through?). Maybe too simplistic or not what you’re looking for. There’s usually some workaround, given enough patience and time. Good luck!

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That 2 band suggestion might work for some cases, thanks. But I’d also like to use the grain delay as a simple pitch shifter. Guess I’ll have to work with a shared buffer and manual or stretchen grains.

One question: where did you change the pream setting? Is there a global preamp setting on the Er301 which I’m not aware about?

you’ll find it in the admin section

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