Group quantize behavior

I noticed on a patch that If I have a group setup such that when Y gate is high, Jt=2, and qt=2, I’m getting different quantization based on what my starting note is. This is using the 12et index. Channel 4 has a C (24). When Y is high, I will get either C, A#, or D as expected. Channel 3 has G (31), but when Y is high, I will get G#, F#, or A#. This isn’t ideal when trying to stay in a scale for obvious reasons. Is this expected behavior?

Assuming it is expected, when the quantize function is engaged, is it automatically adhering to a grid on the even indexes where G (31) gets quantized to G# (32)? Would the best solution be to go change the index to the scale I’m using?

If it’s not expected, should quantize be based off of the starting index?

I should be on the latest firmware on both the ER-101 and the 102.

I think this is expected and yes conforming your index to the scale you want is the answer. It’s doing mathematic quantising not pitch or harmonic quantising.

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Quick update, a quick jump to the Dorian scale mask and everything works as expected. Thanks!

I was really afraid it would be more complicated, but it wasn’t.

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