Groups - gate length


I am a brand new ER-102 user, and probably still a novice with the 101. I have been playing with the high modifier for a group. One thing I have had trouble figuring out, is how much precision my gates require as far as length and phase. For example, if I have a step with a length of 16 and a gate of 8, then I have another gate that goes to the X gate in, but let’s say that gate’s length is only 4. Is the transform still applied for the entire step, or will it go low at that point? Thank you!

The transform will only function as long as the x gate is high, so in the case you described the transform will only effect part of the step

Thanks for the reply. That confirms what my ears were telling me. It certainly would be a nice feature if there was an option to have the gate’s state S/H for the duration of the step. I may have to add in a S/H module to ensure that in the meantime.