Guitar into ER-301

I don’t think you can plug in directly - although I could be wrong, anyone got any hints and tips for plugging a guitar or microphones into the ER-301?

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I’ve not tried plugging in directly but I had great results using an external preamp (GAP Pre73).

Lots of fun!


I’ve used Mutable Ears to great effect for running guitar and external synths / PC audio into my modular. It does a lot more too!


Yep, MI Ears works great and then you can also use the envelope and gate outputs as CV sources for the 301


Ears it is by the sounds of things… been considering that for a little while anyway for other reasons!

Thank you :slight_smile:

I wonder if the Mikrophonie (which I have) will handle it ok, does anyone know?

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Mikrophonie should definitely handle it. just get a big jack - small jack cable! The Ears is pretty closely related to the Mikrophonie, AFAIR.

I have an Ears, too. Also have a Ladik stereo input module, which should be extra handy because the plug conversion is already done. Also intend to use it to bring some Digitakt into my Euro:

Thanks @josker

I will just live with the Mikrophonie for the time being, I have suitable cables… one day when I am richer I’ll upgrade I think as there are reasons to do so :slight_smile:

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The additional gate out and envelope follower are really useful signals. Seems like I use them every time I use Ears. Of course there’s an enveloper follower in the 301, and maybe a way to generate a gate as well?

I have a Ladik pre-amp module which I frequently use to get line-level signals up to modular. (For example running from my DJ mixer into 301.) I’m thinking running a guitar through two stages of it would be enough gain for guitar to modular, but I haven’t tried it yet. Will when I get home.

Yeah. My Ladik states +20dB of gain, the Ears is +40. So two stages sounds about right.

It occurs to me that an All-Flesh, plus two stages of pre-amp is a functional equivalent to Ears. Ahh, modular. :tools:

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Ladik also has the A-510 which gives +50db plus tone controls.

I’d also recommend the Circuit Abbey Axis or Mutable Ears.

I’m confused how that is equvalent to ears since ears is a preamp/contact mic. Isn’t all-flesh just an electrical connection?

Cwejman AP-1… Great Mic Pre (with Phantom) / HiZ input module with a compressor and audio and envelope follower outputs.


yeah… that is quite a step up from MI Ears but I’m sure it is nice! :grinning:


Of course realistically I’d probably never put an instrument level guitar signal into the modular. I’d bring it up to line level with a [non-modular] processor and then go through a modular audio interface (Ears in my case). I’m personally big into Roland and Boss stuff, but if you were looking for something on the cheap, I’ve heard good things about the Zoom processors. The other advantage is you get amp/cabinet and speaker models, tons of effects.

The G1xOn be had for $70 US brand new.

Should be fine to use only Ears for guitar - the documentation says it’s designed for that.

Oops, yeah, didn’t mean to imply guitar straight into Ears wouldn’t work. Just that I personally probably wouldn’t go that route. :slight_smile:

The Harvestman also make the Black Locust… 4 guitar pedals - so you could rig in that way…

Industrial Music Electronics Black Locust - Eurorack Module on ModularGrid


Whoops. You’re right. I was momentarily conflating electrical contact with piezo transducer.