Guitar pitch tracking to 1/v

Is there a configuration/series of devices anyone can recommend so I can plug my guitar into the 301 to use an oscillator?


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The key is to not bother going through 1V/Oct. Just patch the guitar signal through a Pulse-to-Hertz and then to the f0 input of any oscillator or filter with modulation gain set to 1 and bias set to 0.

You can also get interesting results by patching you guitar signal into a Limiter then into the phase input of an oscillator unit again with f0 bias set to zero while the phase gain is set to taste.


Ahh, thanks! I shall experiment with that

So how would this work with a sample player? Point the pulse to hertz to the speed? It tried it and it’s interesting but not as expected

Say for example that your sample contains an instrument playing at 440Hz.

At a speed of 1x, your sample is already playing at a pitch of 440Hz. So if you play 100Hz on your guitar and then plug that (via a Pulse-to-Hertz unit) into the speed (with a gain of 1) you will be playing your 440Hz note at 100x, which gives a pitch of 100*440 = 44,000Hz! So you should set the gain of the speed modulation to 1/440 or 0.00227(*). Obviously the modulation bias should still be zero just like the oscillator.

TLDR: Set the speed’s modulation gain to 1/F where F is the frequency of the sound in your sample. Set the speed’s modulation bias to 0.

(*) By the way, instead of setting the modulation gain, you can also set the ‘div’ parameter on the Pulse-to-Hertz unit to F. However, you might have to edit the range of the controls though.


A great response thanks. It seems simple but I would never have worked that out for myself. Your support is greatly appreciated