Hands up

…if you have these modules:

I’ve been catching glimpses of full complements here and there, it seems a rather formidable combination so it’s appearing often it would seem.

If you do, what other modules would you consider essential companions?

Just Friends is a very useful modulation source and tasty stacked saw/triangle oscillator. Add a Teletype and it becomes an insanely powerful modulator and a polyphonic synth.

In Shape mode, try patching all 6 outputs to the ER-301s matrix and you have 6 inter-related CV inputs which can be shaped and ‘spread’ out with Just Friends 1v/oct pitch input/knob. Of course every aspect of this setup can be programmed with the Teletype.

I haven’t even started with the Teletype to ER-301 i2c connection. :crazy_face:

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I don’t have any of those, except the 301. And I’m not sure what the modules to the left and right of the TT are. I assume they are TT expanders of some sort?

It’s an interesting rack in that if the above assumption is true, the 301 is the only oscillator. Or non-CV source for that matter. I guess it’s up to quite a bit of task in that department. :slight_smile:

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got all but the teletype/tx’s! (but a buddy keeps mentioning shedding his!)

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I would just question the redundancy of the TT in this particular rack. Ie: in such a small rack you could get something else in there that would add far more to the rack as a whole.


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I have all these apart from pamelas workout (I use a Tempi instead for clock/trigger duties with the Teletype). I’d say the main thing I’d want with this sort of setup are ways to interact with it. Modules like Walk, Planar, Tetrapad, Pressure Points. Stuff that you can map certain parameters to and then touch and directly interact with.

Also, I strongly disagree that the Teletype is redundant in this setup. Especially with the tight integration via I2C, the Teletype adds so much to the ER-301 that I can’t imagine any module being a better fit in this setup (at least if the sort of interaction that you get from the teletype is something that appeals to you, which is obviously the case for OP, otherwise why even add it to the setup to begin with?). If anything, one could drop the ER-101/102 and do all the sequencing with the teletype. I personally prefer the ER-101/102 for pure sequencing duties and would keep it in this sort of setup, but I could see a certain redundancy that way.

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Interesting. I just don’t think 2 sequencer heavy modules are necessary. Just my opinion. However, I suppose since the 301 can kind of do it all getting the extra control through the i2c connection makes tons of sense.

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Case could be any size, it doesn’t have to be a little one like this :slight_smile:

Just Friends is a great idea!!

The control modules also good, we have a full thread of ideas for that hey:

As for having too many sequencers - never!! I can use all four channels of a sequencer on one voice without even really thinking about it :smiley:

The obvious answer to this is clearly a second ER-301 :joy:


I think that’s a TXo to the right of the Teletype - which I believe can be used as an oscillator. I might be wrong.

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What would you suggest? Multiple Distings? I’ve found the TT to be very dense in terms of functionality per HP.

Actually, as much as I love the 102, I think that is the module redundant in this rack. The Teletype plus expanders would be able to do pretty much everything the 102 does.

This would be my suggestion:

In fact, the more time I spend with Teletype and the 301, the more I am tempted to downsize from my 12U x 84HP to maybe 7U x 104… Hmmmm…

I guess it depends on how this will be controlled but the 102 is important for sequence recording from external controllers. Outside of the scripting language and a keyboard I don’t believe the TT can offer that.

Still if you aren’t using this like that I guess that is a moot point.


I thought we were working on the assumption that this was the entire setup - no other modules. Either way, the Teletype could record external sequences into the pattern grid. Not as many steps as the 102, but with some clever code, you could reach the same end result, I would wager.

Not at all… that’s why I asked what else could go with it :wink:

Oh yeh. Hahaha. Sheesh. That’s the extent of my short-term memory these days: about 10 replies.

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The TT expanders do do some oscillator stuff - meant to be pretty good!

I’ve been thinking about this myself and I think I’d like to nominate Shakmat Time Wizard, it’s a really smart module that makes it easy to dial in, and adjust on the fly, weird clock timings.

Interesting. Check Just Friends’ Geode mode :wink:

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