Hard linking 101 to 301?

Hey @odevices did you ever consider adding a hard link in the back between the 101 and the 301? The ER trinity are never apart in my set up… I was wondering if you ever thought about somehow with the pin cables in the back allowing all tracks and gates to be able to send to the 301 without patching and even the possibility of the 301 creating clock and reset control within the 101.

Also thought it would be cool to have the 101 gate/cv outs get their row of inputs in the 301 input section and outputs to the 101 in the 301 output section… you could even insert units from the 301 into the 101 gate and cv sequencer to randomize patterns or create repeats…

Imagine quicksaves in 301 could load 101 snap shots too :pray:t2: Would be super helpful when playing live Bc transitionally I have to remember what snapshot was linked to what quicksave… this would turn the 301 into the ultimate hub.

Dunno if this is possible and or against your creative identity!?

If it’s not possible - is it something you would consider in an expander module down the line?


+1 + 10 damn + 1,000,000, OMFG this is brilliant. Smart thinking Mr. Drake!!

being able to access all of the 101 CV/Gates in the 301 would leave all the front jacks for modulation.

Is this possible Brian?


is there any way to utilize that header on the back or are the data rates too slow for something like this?


I know there’s a header on the back of the ER-101 - but is there one on the ER-301?

I seem to remember a previous discussion where someone said there wasn’t.

The Robotopsy video here shows the ER-101 being used as a trigger sequencer via a custom made expander:


In this video he is using it just to mute tracks. I’m not sure this is via an actual connection with the 101 so much as he is just overriding output paths.

Could certainly be wrong but I don’t think this particular video should lend credence to a header being available on the 301.

Still a bus for inter connectivity of od products would be really great! Even if done through a front panel Jack connection.


Noooooo, that’s not what I was saying, this was to confirm that the ER-101 has a header - not the ER-301.

And I thought he was using all the outputs from that pin header as triggers, so 12 in total. The CV outputs also working as triggers because there is a no output step between each one.

Unless I am losing my mind…??? going to have to watch again!

Yep watched again, pretty sure I am interpreting this correctly, the only mute action is in the expander.

Edit: what I mean here is that it does confirm that the header on the ER-101 is outputting the same outputs as the front jacks!

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Far out - yes I believe you’re right!

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man im psyched on this, I hope its possible

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Technically it’s possible!

Whether I will ever have the time to get around to it is the real question. I think I would have to prioritize this below the ER-301’s CPU upgrade.


Oh that’s fantastic news!!

This would be amazing, if for nothing else than to allow completely free access to the ER-101, once there is a stack cable and another cable in that in front of everything they do kinda get in the way a bit!

I think I have missed the point. :thinking: What are you talking about here?

Just the outputs of 101 into 301 behind the scenes and accompanying firmware update to accommodate them as far as I understood it.

Ah I see now. I totally blanked on that part because it seemed like such a minor benefit for the effort involved. The other direction is much more interesting to me but I must admit I haven’t really thought deeply about it.

Oh you’ve done it now :joy:

Other direction??? Oh YES!!!

Actually on reflection, I think any output from the ER-301 should be generally available as in the expander idea discussed previously.

An expander that did this and also allowed direct connection from the 101 to the 301 would be most excellent!

Just thoughts… but really interesting to think about it and see where this ends up if it is ever done :slight_smile:

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If the 101/2 were connected to the 301 (for example) through a bus connection, and this made it not necessary to patch the front jacks to each other I see some problems with this, namely:

1.) Would the 101 be able to repurpose how those now free outputs are used as they are already technically being used. I mean you could of course still mix and match, but all you are REALLY doing with the 101/2 with this in this case is making patching physically not necessary with the 301.

2.) The inverse of this is that would connections made digitally to 301 still leave inputs open within the 301 firmware architecture? IE: Can the processor handle 12 additional inputs, and if so what does the processor hit look like with creating additional digital input/outputs.

Depending on these answers the following becomes possible and compelling:

1.) Using the 101/2 as additional outs for the purpose of the 301.

2.) Creating an additional 4 tracks from the 101 that only work with the 301. Meaning that you could sequence the 301 and still use the 4 tracks elsewhere physically in your system.

There are other things which can be done as a result of a interconnect bus, but I suppose the real question here is whether or not the 101/2 and 301 have the processor overhead to handle this additional load?

On one hand it feels like this would kind of cannibalize the 101/2 and make the purpose of it a bit more amorphous and that might not be a good thing. On the other hand such a sweet unification across the product line would be a real boon to capability.

Seriously such compelling products!! I love it!



While I like the idea of the system having a back connection to facilitate a more intricate relationship,
I would say: no, please keep the CPU on 301 a priority!

Isn’t that exactly what I said? :thinking:


Now I am confused too hehe :confounded:

I was responding to this comment. Where it seemed that it was not totally clear that you will not change the priorities.
Anyway, if what you meant is that you will stick to CPU being the priority, then great!
Sorry if o was not clear somehow.