Hard linking 101 to 301?

@odevices it would be great to add to the list, obviously CPU taking precedent over this! It would also be another reason for many 301 owners to jump
Into the 101 game - which is by far a juggernaut.

From what I read - isn’t CPU upgrade out of your hands atm, would require a chip manufacturer to make one, not you?

Do you have any thoughts on how else the 301 and 101 could interact?

I could also see the 101 turning into a controller for the 301 :eyes: Perhaps each knob and led being assignable as a unit, possibly with some key command separating the knob adjustments from the sequencer - so u can run the sequencer and have the knobs become attenuators/controls within the 101. So the 101 would be a controller / sequencer… thus making any potential expander more focused on I/O instead of controls.

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this is mostly the point. it would free the 101/102 up for sequencing elsewhere at the same time. much like the diy expander on youtube - except the expander would come up as cv sources in the 301 w/out any front panel patching.

for me id chose bus connecting the 101/102 to the 301 over CPU upgrade - but I’m different like that.

I imagine just seeing the new ‘rear inputs’ from the 101 inside the 301 as global inputs


So this would be SPI (101) port to SPI? (301)

The cpu upgrade benefits the interconnectivity scenario. It would be better in fact for it. You really can’t go wrong with the cpu upgrade as it benefits many things.



I do love this idea in theory, but on a priority list of wishes - an O|D communication bus between 101 and 301 is a pipe dream… maybe when it’s at V2? That or if connecting 2 or more 301s, having local, global and a “universe” bus to tap and share internal signals between modules… but of course… also a pipe dream that won’t ruin my day if it never materializes :smiley: :wink:

Currently, you can take all the 101 track outs and loop them through with short cables to the ABCD123 ins… I’m not sure if that was by design or a happy coincidence, but bundled with the insane CV processing on the inside of the 301 and using the 102 to have your controller inputs to the 101…PLUS 4 spare gate or CV ins PLUS 4 audio inputs … I’m not seeing a connectivity bottleneck that would be worth derailing current OS development.

An updated CPU (if that happens) would be great, because the more units come out, the more juice we’ll wish for.

That’s a more realistic expansion goal imho.


I was always of the mind that this was intentional :slight_smile:

@odevices always doing these sneaky smart things :smiley:

Neil thanks for posting, but of course we already know about the jacks on the front of the 301 - nor were we implying there was a bottle neck. We’re certainly not asking to halt everything and develop this, would just like some consideration and perhaps to rally to get it on the list for ‘the future’ should Brian be willing.

Just looking for more options to connect our other OD hardware we have sitting here right next to our 301 & free up 12 input jacks for modulation, that’s kind of huge actually.

I get it, perhaps only 1/4 of 301 owners, maybe less have 101/102s, I bet a lot more would join should this connection become possible, I also believe it would create synergy between OD modules like nothing else I know of in Eurorack.

If my understanding is correct, “this CPU” you talk about doesn’t even exist, correct? I think designing and getting it manufactured will take away from the development of the 301

The bus connection, well that’s already sitting there.

Bleeding edge, take me there…

For me the exciting thing about this prospect is for live / realtime use and making the most of a small system. I’m building entire songs in my studio and sets with a small rig and was always my attraction to eurorack. To link these two powerful tools would 1) save time 2) streamline workflow 3) save inputs to control the 301.

My main wish was to hard link the cv gates into the 301 and at the same time turn the 101 knobs into assignable controls as a separate level of control in the 101. Thus expediting the creation of a expander controller Bc it would be available now and free up a future expander to be more focused on I/O (but tbh you may not even need more INs anymore if the 101 were offering that much control internally)…

Ultimately the question was raised to brian because it’s his creation…

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My opinion here should not be taken seriously as I’m certain I’m the senior noob.

Isn’t this discussion of deeper connections between the ER-301 and 101/102 taking this setup into the territory of being something akin to the Mother32?

I dig the idea of a faster CPU for extending the lifespan of the 301 and with an imminent scripting language on the horizon along with the crazy multitude of units that Brian has already rolled out and that are in the works according to the tracker, it makes sense to rev the horsepower of the engine itself at some point downstream like in 2018 or 2019 even.

Personally I’m more interested in what the creative mind of Brian can accomplish as he invents the next thing that will eat more HP. Maybe he gives us an iC2 connection to let the Monome ecosystem communicate at that level with the O|D ecosystem, whatever it is I’ll try to be patient as this one man factory blazes a path forward that without exaggeration has blown most of us away.


oh don’t get me wrong - I’m all in for sometime like this (my first paragraph). :slight_smile:

The CPU update, I think we’re at the mercy of that SOM company releasing something faster.

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no one is saying no to implementing a CPU upgrade, of course myself, Lance, others who are interested want that to happen.

the hardware for this link up is already there, a $2 buck cable and we’re good to go but it requires Brian to open the gates on the 301 side, maybe the SDK could allows us to do it ourselves, we don’t really know until @odevices elaborates?!

like @Lance_Drake said, this really is something that would be hugely advantages for those who play live, but also for studio only folks too

don’t worry, you’ll still get your CPU upgrade :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Totally. So if the CPU upgrade is in a bit of a holding pattern, why not redirect some of the plans to something that is possible and already available?

Not to be rude, but if you don’t own a 101 and own a bunch of monome gear and are suggesting OD move away from making its products compatible for other gear… I dunno man. I’ve invested in all of ODs products because they are the best imo and this thread was created to support bringing them together. Again, not trying to be rude…

If you own a 101 and 301 - speak up!

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I think you have misinterpreted my words. I do own a 101 and 301 and while I’m not an engineer I cannot see where Brian could create a rear facing link between the 101 and 301 nor between the 301 and 102. While I’m considering asking Robotopsy to make me a mutes for my 101 as I have the older style pots, how could Brian graft on to existing hardware the connections to handle more than a dozen gates and CV ports?

So my point was not against expansion or some desire for exclusivity but hearkening back to what Brian said talking about the “End of Spice Trigger” it seemed to me in my interpretation that he had the ability to make an expander but it would be gates only attached to the UART on the 301 so the discussion about inter-connectivity between the 301 and 101 seemed a bit far fetched. But if he were to do an expander for the 301 then I’d love to see an i2c connection on the back of that expander so I could Teletype into the O|D ecosystem and drag along some Just Friends (via Just Type), Grid, Arc, and Ansible into the control mix too (not that I own a Grid, Arc, or Ansible yet, just got my Teletype yesterday). If he could also have a method to channel data between the 101/102 and the 301 - right on, but I’ve not seen anything that let’s my mind perceive that possibility.

Like I prefaced my note, NOOB!

BTW, your question didn’t feel rude until you punctuated with the challenge to “speak up!”

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I think you missed something…


For the record we’re not talking about an expander or hardware (you’re talking about that) we’re talking about accessing the data from the 101/102 inside the 301 “with out” needing to jack into the front of the 301. These would be virtual connections made inside the 301

Sorry :heart:️:metal:t2:
I am by far the biggest Noob on the Internet, not to worry. This is the only forum I am a member of and just learned how to quote other people’s posts :laughing::laughing::laughing:


101/102/301 in da house![quote=“Lance_Drake, post:33, topic:836”]
why not redirect some of the plans to something that is possible and already available?

Possible and Available are two different animals.

The framework and format for unit creation is here and works (for now internal to O|D before the SDK is available). So more units of various function is more important in this early stage of OS development than something like this. To me creating more units feels like an “available” thing. The blood sweat and tears were already put into place long ago for this stuff to work.

There may be communications headers on the back of these modules… but in my mind this feels more like a “possible”.

Creating a communications protocol between modules - conceptualizing, designing, testing, deploying… to his standards of awesomeness. I can only imagine that this would be years away. And… piled on top of fulfilling orders building these modules, keeping up with coding and testing the updates for 101/102/301 and communicating and … somehow still catering to all our crazy ideas on the forum and any fixes… and… having a life on top!

O|D is one guy! Not a machine! Although - there is an urban legend where a bug was patched within 17minutes of being reported… :wink:

I’m up for whatever happens.

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just going to re-quote this here :joy:


Been quite some chatter about linking the teletype with the 301 today…

Going to beat this drum one… last… time…

How cool would it be if the 301 and 101 were hard linked! Saving inputs space, creating a fully integrated control surface, feeding a clock back into the 101 and further modulation and control over the 101… it would be epic and a worthy upgrade to the O|D ecosystem!