Have you used your 301 in a club environment?

If so how did you have it set up ?
Was it a sample player, did you use it as a synth, or as an effects unit? Maybe all of the above? I’m very interested!

What did you need in order to play a danceable live set for at least an hour?

I’ve used it in a small setup formed by an octatrack and a portable 104hp eurorack case with the westlicht performer, mysteron and beads, I used it as fx processor and as synth with some units I’ve build in the ER301. I’m preparing a new rig with the sweet sixteen and addac manual gates, this combo is a must IMO with the ER301 I already feel it like it was all part of the same instrument. Super happy with this thing


Oo the manual gates looks crucial for the 301 I know what you mean for sure. Might have to pick one up.

But you think the Octatrack and the 301 is the move? Are there drums and stuff happening on the OT

I’ve played in a club environment with er-301many times. Often it is either a pure chord machine (because chords are hard in modular), a partial drum machine (but never al of the drums because of CPU constraints), or a mixer for modular and external gear coupled with a little bit of the aforementioned. Over time I’ve come to try to rely on the er-301 more than external gear (like a digitakt or octatrack for drum duties) because I hate the context switch both mentally and physically. Currently I use the er-301 for two drum “tracks” (samplers with slices I can either leave static or CV the slice parameter) and a more musical sampler (chords addressed via slice or whatever). I went with the samples for non-drum because I could barely have a 4 voice synth and 2 drum tracks on the 301within current CPU constraints.

All in all I love it, but my biggest gripe is that ALL of my audio has to go through the ER-301 first no matter what setup I have (purely modular or modular + external gear) because of the er-301 latency is too much (min 9ms). The only exception is if I use the ER-301 as purely non-drum melodic / chord box as it’s perfectly fine to have non-drum transients happen after a drum transient, but hardly ever with few exceptions the other way around (a bass drum landing 9ms after a chord stab sounds horrible, always, my opinion, but also like absolute fact I’ll fight anybody :grin:)

Edit: I’m a bit inebriated right now so take it with grain of salt

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Hell yeah. Also using westlicht and s16. Westlicht performer page is absolute genius, and hands in s16 of params is clutch. Haven’t looked into manual gates yet I guess I just don’t understand the need as I use envelopes to gate instead of dedicated gates (saves inputs on er-301 with caveat that you need motion sensor when envelope as gate has rising attack).

Curious to know more about how younuse manual gates.

Edit: again I’m drunk. I saw “manual gates” but my brain said “sweet sixteen gates expander”. Not the same thing :sweat_smile:

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Octatrack and ER301 pairs very well they both complement each other ie making transitions when loading different patches in the ER and drums as well

I’m using the GESS too! Mainly for muting the westlicht channels and in the studio for trigger some channels on the machinedrum from the modular when I mess with generative stuff

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