Havent used ER301 in a while and am lost

I havent touched the 301 in about 6 months and back on it again today and am totally lost. I had a sample player with samples set up and it use to load all the time but now I have to start from scratch every time and Cant remember how I load the presets so I can use it the way it was before. I also keep getting OUT OF MEMORY but I havent added any extra samples except for the newest Firmware …

Any ideas how to purge the sample memory because I press purge sample and it is still full.

What version of the firmware are you using?

Quicksaves are accessed using SHIFT+M1, just like it says on the panel.

firmare 2.27

Good choice. The “purge unused” command will only clear out samples that are not assigned to units.

By the way are you aware of the wiki?


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