Having issues loading Third party presets .lua

I have had no problem creating and saving my own presets but after downloading quite a few from the internet and putting them in their own file I cant seem to load any .lua files that weren’t created from me. My guess is some of these may have been made on a newer firmware? Any suggestions anyone?

It’s a possibility - I think a lot of folks who post presets here are likely running the latest/greatest unstable firmware available at the time. So if you’re running a lower version, it may have some unit or feature that’s not in your firmware version. Currently the latest firmware (0.3.24) also happens to be a stable firmware, until the first 0.4 unstable firmware (hopefully coming soon :slight_smile: )is posted. Get it here:

It’s also possible you might not be loading the preset in the right context. For example, if it is a custom unit preset, you’d want to load it by first inserting a custom unit, then clicking the M button on the custom unit’s header, and selecting “Load Preset”. Whereas if it is a chain preset, you’d want to load that by selecting the input at the beginning of the chain and selecting load preset. So you may want to review the post and find out what kind of preset it is. Or if it’s not clear, just ask - I’m sure the original poster or someone else will help clarify.

I am now running 0.3.24 Stable and followed your other advice to select a custom unit and then load the preset. It’s working now, thanks!

I look forward to creating my own custom presets that I will be able to share with the community!

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