Headphone out

Looking for a simple solution. Will a mono to stereo adapter do the job? Thanks

my simple solution, two TS male→1 TRS female.
ER-301 Out1 = Left, ER-301 Out2 = Right.
For headphone I use a limiter preset with pre set to -5dB and post set to -36dB.
Then i use post as a volume control.
As always with headphones be extra careful, depending on the overall levels in your patch it can get extremely loud.


Great thanks!

ALM hpo is 2hp and inexpensive

I have the hpo and LOVE it!

… will still have auditioning samples be at full modular levels, so it will not be too safe for every use case.

yikes. nothing quite like the mad scramble to yank your phones off before your brain gets fried.