Help a first timer set up a really basic looper chain


I recently took the plunge and got a 301 after lurking here for a while, Its a very fun module and I’m loving what can be done with it so far.

I’m trying to set up something that’s almost like a morphegene and I’m running into a bit of a wall, as the only tutorials I can find that come close (Thanks Neil!) are on older firmware and I think the UX has changed since. I want to set up an External Osc > looper > Manual grains > looper chain for some ambiance but I’m not quite sure how to go about it, can one of you lovely people walk me through that process a bit? I’ve tried dicking around with buffers but without anything to compare to I’m coming up empty

Just a quick note. I think the key is to setup a looper that records incoming audio + a separate manual grains that uses that uses the same buffer. Does that help?

Did you check the neil parfitt stuff? It is a great resource:


Do this: insert a feedback looper on a mono chain and assign the input from your oscillator. Insert a manual grains unit on the same channel. Go to the header of the feedback looper, highlight and press the soft key beneath to access the parameters for the feedback looper. Highlight create buffer and hit enter. Set up a buffer of your desired length. Go back to your manual grains unit and go into the parameters for the unit the same way you did with the feedback looper. Assign the buffer you just created to the manual grains unit. Go back to your feedback looper and engage and arm, turn up feedback and record in a sequence of something. Now go to your manual grains unit and you should see the same audio there. You’ll have to assign a trigger to the manual grains unit to get something going. This could be a simple saw wave to get proof of concept, but there are other options like creating a global chain that has a random unit (velvet noise into rectify, into skewed sine envelope, for example). Now your start parameter on the manual grains unit is similar to the slide parameter on the morphagene, and grain size will be adjustable as well.