Help! - Interesting Sound/Tone generation from the 301

I have been using my 301 predominantly for sample playback and mangling. I’m very happy with what I’ve achieved so far with the help of folks on this forum.

After hearing some of the music shared on this forum, generated by the 301, I thought I’d work on sound generation from the built in units (not samples).

So far I’ve been disappointed with my results. I don’t seem to be able to generate much in the way of interesting tones or sounds. I’m sure this is likely down to my lack of experimentation but wondered if anyone would share tips on how to create quality sounds from the 301’s internal oscillators and units.

I know this is a very large field and my idea of great sounds is likely very different to others but I’m particularly interested in pad or sustained sounds that have depth and movement.

Any assistance or constructive comments very welcome


Feed the sample scanner some single cycle wav’s and modulate the phase!
…well that’s technical still sample playing i admit… :laughing:
Wavetables tho


Start with the Sine Osc (carrier).

  1. Feed another Sine Osc (modulator) into it’s sync input. The modulator will control the pitch, so set your V/Oct up on that one. Try sweeping the frequency of the carrier with envelopes, etc. Try this experiment with other oscillators (saw, triangle).

  2. Feed a Sine Osc (modulator) into the Phase input. Feed the modulator and carrier the same V/Oct. Adjust the modulator’s V/Oct offset (phase modulation ratio). You’re now doing phase modulation. Put a VCA after the modulator to control the amount (index) of phase modulation. Control it with an envelope or something else interesting.

  3. Same as #2, but use the f0 input instead of the phase input. You’re now doing linear frequency modulation

  4. Same as #2 but use the V/Oct input on the carrier. You’re now doing exponential FM.

  5. In experiments 1-4, adjust the feedback amount on either the modulator or the carrier. This has the effect of transforming the waveforms from a sine to more like a saw wave.

These could keep you busy for a little long while. There’s a lot of territory to explore here. :slight_smile:


I did try a SCW in a sample player (and it worked OK but not awesome) but not the sample scanner. Will give it a go. Thx

Thx Joe
I appreciate the detailed instruction - that’s sort of what I need to get me started with the exploration journey. Will give it a go and report back. im sure there are others like me with similar experiences

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I have my case back together now, and have been having the urge to make some more videos. Maybe I’ll hit some of these topics.

The ER-301 is really exceptionally good at these kinds of modulations; they’re really pristine (though of course there are ways to grunge them up if you want). You should be able to get to “pad nirvana”, and all kinds of sounds really, with these types of synthesis.


Ive watched all of your videos multiple times (thx - helped me hugely). Would love to see you tackle this topic and demonstrate a range of internally generated sounds using the techniques you mentioned.