Help me recreate that specific custom unit

I would like to create for my own usage the custom unit present on this demo

How should I get started guys ? :slight_smile: I feel like this custom unit is made for me and would be extremely useful for live usage. My only concern is how much CPU this custom unit is going to take?

Ah I remember this one!

There’s some complex routing and gate control logic going on to build the pseudo interactive UI for the stepper… but the sampler / voice section is really simple:

There’s a master looper to record your external audio to.

Then you then create a voice, which is nothing more than:

  • a sample player reading that buffer
  • VCA/ADSR combo after the Sample player
  • S&H to ‘grab/lock’ an incoming pitch CV controlling the sample player.

I had this all in a custom unit with the needed custom controls accessible on the surface for easy assign , packed within a channel mixer.

You can then duplicate it 4x and assign your CV / gates accordingly and control it all from a parent custom unit.

Surprisely, it didn’t eat a lot of CPU.

The stepper was originally based off of @Joe’s sequential switch, but then I think I modified it when there was a newer solution that didn’t require rational VCAs.

Detailed breakdown of how it came together:

You’d basically take the same idea and use sample players in place of the sin oscillators.


Thank you for the detailed breakdown! very useful
I have a question regarding local controls, how do I assign them? for example grab and v/oct? I guess for v/oct it will be one of the ABCD jack inputs. But I don’t understand what grab is used to.
I don’t fully understand the local control function :sweat_smile:

“Grab” is renamed custom control. Not a function on the 301. In the case of that sampler I made, the “grab” is a gate control that is controlling the trigger state of an S&H.

I’d recommend looking around the forum for info on custom units/controls. As of .4 they’ve been renamed slightly but the concepts, routing and controls behave the same.

I think I did a video just on controls that explains how the locals work.