Help me to randomly assign slices

Ok, I’m using v/octave to determine the pitch of my one shot samples, and having 12 recorded variations of the sample, selected by the slice parameter, in order to reduce the ‘machinegun effect’.
I’m trying to figure out how to best create a chain that triggers a new random slice with every note. I’ve tried using a noise unit paired with s&h and quantizer units, and I feel like I’m close to a solution. Any tips for optimizing this workflow? Particularly, quantizer settings (still trying to figure out how it works) to allow for 12tet addressing.
Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading!

Have you tried just putting a White Noise unit in the slice select chain and turning the modulation gain and bias both to 0.5?

The White Noise unit output range is [-1, 1]. Multiplying by 0.5 and then adding 0.5 turns that into a [0, 1] range which will exactly cover your 12 slices.


I’ll give that a shot, thanks!