HELP! my 301 is not switching on

My 301 just locked up during operation, it was processing signals and sampling etc but I wasn’t controlling the unit via the interface at the time.

I switched off the case and then switched it back on but the 301 did not power up. I removed the screws to take a look behind the module and check everything was wired correctly.

The green and red lights on the cpu board are on but no leds etc on the front or screens are active when powered.

update, leaving it switched off for a while and then switching it back on seemed to have powered it back up.

Heat issue?

This does not look good, crashed out like this shortly after my last message.

Power setting is on Reg.

Oh no :confounded:

I wouldn’t panic too much, probably just need a new Olimex SOM board!

Gig next Sunday!!

But yeah, I would imagine it is fixable in one way or another.

Yikes - you can borrow mine if you like :slight_smile:


Very kind mush :slight_smile: I’ll see what I can do about the gig, maybe it’s some file corruption issue in the boot sector or something?

No bother :slight_smile:

Definitely worth trying to reformat the card, back up first and do the format using the utility on the ER-301.

Also reseat the SOM module.

Double check the power setting and make 100% sure you have enough power to cover the requirements of your modules.

If it doesn’t work, or if no one else has any bright ideas, pm and we will work something out!

trying to flash the rear card.

restored rear card using this
restore from disk image method and then reupdated firmware to 0.3.17 (the one my set is using)

And is it working again?

yeah! just running it through its paces!

hopefully sorted :smiley:

Thanks fella

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Excellent - hope it’s okay!!

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The bug is back and this was with no snapshot loaded! :frowning:

In fact the 301 wasn’t doing anything, I’d been playing with some other modules and then looked over at it and the screen had crashed out again, similar to the picture above. Looks like it has got a fault.

Going to try 0.3.18, crashed again:

That doesn’t look like a firmware problem. It looks suspiciously like a power problem. Also, the turning it off for awhile and having it work again when you turn it back on points to that too. Can you post your case power info please?

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I have two two TTA Zeus bus boards running from a cincon 4.6 Amp adapter, powering 2 rows at 104hp, should be tons of power available.
modular grid says 1.2 @ 12v, 0.3 -12v and 0 5v

Been running this setup for a good while now.

Which ones? Both active? One active, one passive?