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HELP! my 301 is not switching on



Ermm not sure but it’s one Cincon across the two boards. So I guess one is active? I’m not sure, it’s however lamond normally does them I guess.


You really have to be sure about something like that unfortunately. One active board only supports up to 1.3A on the +12V rail.

It’s easy to tell though. If you see a shiny metal box with DC800 written on both bus boards then they are both active.

By the way, what information were you relying on to make this statement?


In that case I’m almost certain sure they’re both active, Lamond’s case are always well over spec’d on power.

But I hadn’t realised the cincons were double the power of the boards, so I have 2.6A of power for that case that needs 1.2 ish.


I have to admit that I’m sitting here a bit flabbergasted that you can’t be bothered to look and be sure…what am I doing here :cry:

You must understand that I cannot do debugging based on hearsay.


Ouch!! I am in the car on the way to my mother in laws!! :joy::joy:



I was imagining quite a different situation. :bowing_man:


I am 99% sure they both dc800


Mother’s Day you see. :slight_smile:


When you get back it is still worth looking. The reason why we need to debunk the power theory is because the failure mode is very much like over-heating. And if we move fast there will be time to order and receive an AM3352-SOM board from Olimex before Sunday.


Hmm. I’m looking at Lamond’s case gallery and the ones that are 3 rows or less seem to be all one active board plus one passive board:



Yeah over heating would be my guess to, it is in a pretty shallow skiff


I have two cases and my larger case has a dc800 on each of the four rows, running from two cincons

Am pretty sure the little one is the same, the pictured case may be one of his early cases.


Btw thanks for looking into it so quickly.


Tbh I don’t recognise the lower of the two boards, so again pretty certain it is all dc800 but will double check tonight when I am home.


Yes please!

Oh no I just realized that there is a USB host (FH-1) in your case :dizzy_face: What do you have plugged into it? FYI: The FH-1 will (by default) draw all of the power it needs for the USB device from the +12V rail.

Also, since I’ll probably be asleep when you get back, get us some more data by running your case with the Trigger Riot removed (completely) from your case. Note the time to any failure with and without.


Fh1 is connected to digitakt which has its own power.


Ok will do some testing when I’m back


So it has been working for a while and then just started doing this?

How long do you leave your system on and running at a time usually?

If I had to guess, I’d say it is heat related. Which is of course weird as the 301 doesnt seem to use any heatsinks. (of course this is because I’m assuming that it was working before well, and you’ve used it for a while before this problem surfaced.)


Yeah that’s what’s weird, See my notes below in next post.

I’m not one for leaving my kit on when I am not using it but I can work on it for at least 2-3 hours at a time.


Firstly to confirm, two DC800 boards in the small case, it is significantly over powered.

So full test report Time in (minutes:seconds):

System been off for several hours.
Disconnect all jack cables and the usb cable from the FH1.
301 crashed after around 2:50
Failed boot after 0:10 off
Successful boot after 1:00 off
Crashed again after 2:10
Switched off for 4:00 while I removed Trigger Riot and rearranged modules putting 301 where trigger riot was as more airflow under the module on the upper row.
Crashed after 2:15
Crash on boot after 1:00 off
Booted again shortly after successfully but lasted a little over a minute.