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Help new customers choose the panel that is right for them

Nostalgia vs Original Flavor vs People’s Choice

What panel did you get and why?
What do you like/dislike about a particular panel?

Although still waiting to receive, my choice for the ER102/102 combo will be Nostalgia.
I think the white print has a better readability in dark places…?

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I like this idea about the white being easier to read in dark places and I’m assuming this is in reference to live playing conditions, but it would seem to me that by the time you can effectively use any module in a live setting you have brought the unit’s functions into muscle memory and the small print on most modules can’t be used effectively on stage anyway. So after looking at the rest of my rig, excluding modules that have black face plates, over 80% of my gear is black on silver and so I went with Original.

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I just love the white on grey aesthetics even been thinking of getting one of these to park next to my 301.

I also had nostalgia on my 101.

People’s choice matches whimsical raps and monome modules nicely.


i love nostalgia edition. gives me the sp-12 feels.


My experience with Nostalgia panels on 101/2 was that powercoating wears off on the points of friction between modules (sides) and exposed steel is corroding quite aggressively. Will be switching to PC panels when my 301 arrives, but I have to admit Nostalgia and OG might look more ‘intelligent’, if it makes sense. Also, my guess that PC panels are lighter in terms of weight compared to other options.

I choose the people’s choice simply to help it blend in and make it easier to resell if I didn’t gel with it. Now I love it and I’m waiting for the er-102 to get the people back so I can have a happy family.

People’s Choice here. Looks fantastic in my case with the other modules. It’s got that “Grayscale” thing going on. I really like the look of the other panel styles also, but it would just make me want a WHOLE case like that :sweat_smile:

I have the tower of power in Nostalgia. To me the panel color and white print just stand apart from the rest of my system and I enjoy the aesthetic.

May I ask if there is anything unusual about your environment or local weather? I would like to follow up with my panel supplier to see if there is anything that they should have been doing.

Steel is definitely heavier than aluminium. The Nostalgia and Original Flavor panels will in general be twice as heavy as the People’s Choice panel. On the plus side, steel is much stiffer and can be cut more accurately than aluminium.

Well, I’m located in SoCal. Not the most humid place. It barely ever rains here and I live pretty far from the ocean. Maybe my moist fingers :smile:, but corrosion appears in areas where my fingers do not usually reach. I can email you photo of one of the sides so you can see what it looks like.

I chose the Original Flavor perhaps because I had grown so accustomed to seeing it on my Modular Grid plan (the other panels aren’t available there yet). But I should mention that I placed my order yesterday, so I have yet to see it in person.

I had seriously considered the People’s Choice as I loved how it looked in Marcus Fischer’s rack. But then again, he’s so good at making any photo look great (especially flat lays). But in the end I just love gray and that flat look of the OG is pretty sweet. Why not Nostalgia? I dunno. I guess because most of my modules have black text.

Brian, have you ever considered offering replacement panels for anyone wishing to change it up? I would love to add a People’s Choice replacement panel to my order if it were possible.


I went with people’s choice because I prefer the material properties of the metalphoto process over a silkscreen job - how it’s absolutely smooth and very resistant to any graphics wearing over time

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People’s Choice seemed most immediately readable, modern and aesthetically pleasing, largely due to the contrast. This has been borne out with experience. Love it.

People’s choice for me. I actually like the other styles more, but as someone else mentioned it would be ideal to match the look of the whole system which is why I went with the norm.

Kris over at Magpie has already “enhanced” my rig to a degree that matching is no longer remotely possible :slight_smile:

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I love the original flavour. It’s easy to read in almost any lighting condition, and although I’m sure it wasn’t Brian’s intention, The ER-101 (and 102/301) have this sorta industrial Soviet space tech vibe from the 60’s going on… but mini.

Imagine the 101 the size of a 12U rack with NIXIE 8segment displays and a Dekatron counter for clock… oh man… would be so good! :slight_smile:


I also have all three 101, 102, 301 with nostalgia
that gives me somewhat emu feel.

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Is this normal, anyone else?