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Help new customers choose the panel that is right for them


Is this normal, anyone else?



Nostalgia bc it gives me Alien Nostromo vibes for some reason!

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People’s choice for me—my first impulse was to match the bulk of my system (mutable, monome, mannequins, xaoc). Every once in a while though I think about what it would have been like to get Nostalgia though…



It was love at first sight - Original Flavor. I just admired how it represented E-301 being something very different.



I got mine in Pepe’s Choice silver.
Thinking was to have it integrate with my mostly aluminum panels system.
I can’t tell you how often I think that i would be cool to have the battleship gray panel instead!..
I guess I might be interested in purchasing a replacement panel? IF that were possible?



It is possible. I purchased P’sC panels earlier this year. Get in touch with Brian.



Oh Damn!
Now I will have to do it!



I have original flavor and love the way it looks but it is a bit difficult in low light. I think I’d be down with purchasing a nostalgia panel for my 301 if it were available. One thing I’m curious about is if the original and nostalgia are the same base gray or if the nostalgia is slightly darker?

I didn’t even consider the people’s choice. I have a couple monome modules as well but I like the steel gray look over the fingerprint prone metalphoto panel. I think the original matches enough with other aluminum panels anyway.



@odevices Would you be open to publishing a vector file of the panel so someone (ie me, haha) could make their own custom panel? I have this silly notion of making a black panel to match some other units. Just an idea I have rolling around.

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Absolutely. The ER-301 panel files are already downloadable from here:




Exciting stuff, thanks!



+1 for Nostalgia - thinking it looks like the control panel from a Soyuz capsule



Did you ever make your custom face panel?



I had consider the original flavor at first, but ended up buying all three OD modules with Nostalgia faceplate, couldn’t be happier. Reads better, and just looks cooler imo.



Agreed. Nostalgia was the way to go for me as well.

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Ha, not yet. Of all the various and seemingly endless tweaks to the studio setup, I haven’t hit that one yet. God forbig I ever actually make some music at some point, haha!

The main hurdle is I haven’t had a chance to research how the whole grounding issue works with panels. I’ve noticed all those custom panels are either made with a ferros metal or there’s some kind of contact paint put around certain holes for jacks that are connected to the holes for the rail screws. Need to figure that part out. Would be curious if anyone has an insights on that.

Anyway, I think about it all the time, I still hope to get around to it, but the way this summer is going I suspect it’s going to be a winter project.



I have both People’s Choice and Nostalgia in the same case. And the way the light in my room is angled to my case… There is a bit of a glare bouncing of the people’s choice… So I have found that the Nostalgia (a.k.a. battleship grey) is easier on my eyes.

I do find that the black lettering on the People’s Choice easier to read though.

However, I will eventually have all the 3 flavors for all 3 complete sets of the 101/102/301 .



I ordered an Er-301, it should ship on the 20th of August. It was hard to choose a panel, I went with the « people’s choice » I’m just wondering if there’s a possibility to buy another « flavor » of panel if I want to change someday ? Are these spare parts available ? Thanks.



it would definitely help to have them peoples choice panels on modgrid for the er-301 :wink: