Help with Sample Recorder (Looper)?

For some reason, I can’t get the Sample Recorder/Looper to work. I’ve watched @NeilParfitt’s videos on it and mine just isn’t working. I’m on Firmware v0.1.6p15, so my Looper looks a little different than the one in Neil’s videos.

Here’s what I’m doing:

  1. I have a Mixer on Outs 3-4.
  • Inside that mixer are some effects followed by the Looper Unit.
  • I have signal routed to that Chain and can hear the sound I’m playing into it.
  • I’ve created and assigned a new empty Buffer in which to lay down the jamz.
  • I have a footswitch with two switches, one assigned to Reset, and one to Punch.
  • I’m using the Lin VCA to invert the Gate from my ‘normally open’ switches as per this thread.
  • The settings are as follows:
  • Start = 0, Dub = 0, Wet = 0.500, fade = 2.00ms
  • Engage is lit
  • I play the audio into the Looper and hit Punch.
  • When at the end of my desired loop, I hit Reset.
  • The sound stops. Shouldn’t it loop what I just played?

What am I missing?

Step 4 - what happens if your dub is set to 1?

Can you post a video?

Ah, okay. Right. I hadn’t tried Dub. Just like my previous help request, I seem to be posting before trying the single last thing that makes it work.

So it works. I can hear it. @NeilParfitt to the rescue!

Right, so Dub is the level of the signal that gets fed/recorded to the buffer. 100% is all new/live material, 50% is evenly balanced between live and recorded, and 0% is playback only.

And currently the only way to clear the buffer is to either Zero it by highlighting the head of the Unit (I don’t know what to call that scope) and choosing Zero Buffer from the menu, or recording silence over it with Dub set to 100%… right?

If you went over this stuff in the videos, Neil, then I just must have forgotten.

So, as for workflow, I would suspect one could achieve SoS-style clock-sync’d loops by doing this:

  • Send a periodic gate/trigger to Reset that is the length of the loop you wish to create.
  • Enable Punch and just leave it on.
  • Assign a knob/slider/expression pedal to Dub and use it to adjust when you’re actually printing to the buffer.
  • This gets me thinking whether one could set up a single switch to do these three things in looping order:
    1. Set Dub to 0%
    2. Set Dub to 50%
    3. Set Dub to 100%

But it might get tricky keeping track of which value you’re at. So then, perhaps two switches, one for 0-50%, and one for 0-100%. But this sounds tricky and I should probably just wait for the Pedal Looper Unit.

Another approach might be to just use one manual gate to move Dub from 0-50%. Then use that as the ‘record switch’. Engage it (to 50%) and you can record (and it will overdub automatically). Disengage to stop printing the live sound to the buffer.

And lastly, another way might be to set your buffer to the desired loop length.

When you fill a buffer, does it automatically loop back to the beginning?

Any more ideas/tips/tricks?

Exactly yep!


re: the different dub levels, a module that would be great for this would be the Pressure points as you could have CV control of dub as well as wet dry for 4 different pads :slight_smile:, that and it can output a gate when you touch it.

Yes - and if you notice when creating a buffer, you can set it to a # of beats / tempo value. So, it can perfectly loop back at the end of the buffer.

I personally prefer to have a buffer longer than i need and fire the looper a reset signal.

I’ve used it various ways in the getting started Videos #4, #5, #15, #16, #17. Not sure if you’ve seen those…

Thanks again, Neil.

You know, I marathon-watched them all in one sitting before I had done anything on the 301. I think I’ll rewatch now that I know my way around a bit.

Wow! I’m flattered! How long did that take??

Ha. It definitely took a while. Was a good crash course.

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