Here's an idea to show support for @odevices

Just read the news from Brian that he is unable to resume production for the time being. Bummer but
I understand. I think it would be a cool idea to make some OD t-shirts in the meantime. I’d love to support @odevices by buying a shirt or two. And I am sure that many on this forum would like to support @odevices in the meantime given that there are no modules available for sale.

what do you think?


I am not very much into wearing printed T-shirts but would instantly buy two of the short-armed sweaters with the deep diver stitching O|D offered some time ago.

I happen to have a Brian supplied OD short sleeved sweatshirt. It is very high quality and the embroidery is pretty awesome, with the moto ‘Depth First’. I would suggest that if you are intent upon doing this that you clear it with Brian first, as he has very particular quality standards.


I’d buy some merch!

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