Hi! New to the forum just bought 301

Hi just wanted to chime i in and say hi. Neil told me a rumor that the forum here is active and has a lot of nice people so thought i would create an introduction post.
My name is Ken , most people just call me Flux. Yes i know its a bad cyber punk name from the 90’s yes i still like the name , no I’m not related in any way to flux pavilion haha.
Anyway , I’m a sound designer and music tech consultant. So hopefully we can have a nice give and take relationship.


Welcome! :ok_hand:

Welcome to the club!

Happy days. I just shot a Lil video of the VSL wavefold mixer if you are interested. (I will not be spamming this forum with unrelated videos, only posting this as introduction.) http://youtu.be/k0euXFkj11k
I also do a live interview show called the synth summit show in which i interview synth manufacturers and engineers.
There are quite a few episodes, here is one http://youtu.be/uLHAl_aBbjg