Hidden Ear - Custom Effect

Hello dear 301 heads, long time no see :slight_smile:
i have a present for you.
Hidden ear
Hidden ear is a custom effect loosely inspired by Chase Bliss pedals (mood in particular) which i never owned but i appreciate the feedback-ish nature of their looper machines.
This one is based on one feedback looper reset by clk, a clock input, it then feeds one varispeed sample player (the “play” part) and one manual grains (the “grains” part). You have independent control over the volume of the looper (loop lvl), of the varispeed (play lvl) and of the manual grains (grain lvl).
The speed parameter controls both play and grain speed but in opposite directions. The tune play controls the play pitch.Grain is followed by a freeverb to smear it out, play is followed by a doppler delay of which you can control delay time with the dly time slider. The pan parameter controls the pan offset of the play and grain parts, in opposite directions but its more of a balance given that the whole unit is stereo in stereo out. The mix slider is a dry\wet control for the feedback looper, delay and reverb.
With punch you record into the buffer and with decay you decide wether to overdub old material (decay fully up to the 1 position) or to overwrite it (decay fully down to the 0 position). You can of course find sweet spots in between. The most important slider is injekt: with it you feed back the play and grain parts to the looper, the signal is filtered of both extreme lows and high frequencies and its delayed to give the whole a bit more movement and avoid metallic artifacts.
Cpu is about 54% so it’s not cheap but you can create little wonders from even the dullest, simple sequence or loop.

workflow tips: feed clk a very slow clock to begin with so you have a long buffer to record into (about 20 seconds iirc),record something with the punch button then start raising the play and grain faders, adjust delay time, speed and tune, experiment with various settings, then , keeping an eye on the individual levels, lower the decay slider a bit and raise the injekt slider to about 30% then punch in, listen to your new beautiful soundscape! now change the parameters and redo! change clock division to zoom in into your loop! have FUN!
of course the effect is free of charge for ever, but if you fall in love with it and want to contribute something in these very hard times you can send me a virtual coffee or beer via my paypal account: hyena666@gmail.com

Hidden Ear.pkg (5.0 KB)



wowee! hidden ear sounds wonderful :heart_eyes: thank you for sharing!


i’m really glad you like it!! maybe still to be polished a bit but i’m pretty satisfied!

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Rg Veda 10, 125


a tip i forgot to mention:
to clear the buffer and start again you have two ways:
either record SILENCE in the buffer (decay fully up, nothing in input, injekt fully down) OR open the device (click on the OPEN tab where the waveform is displayed), reach for the Feedback Looper, click on its header and hit “zero buffer”, then start again!