High CPU Load = Scratch like noise?

Hey guys,

just wanted to check in on what kind of issues can arise from a high CPU load. Didn’t think I would hit such a high load with just using the following (maybe 3 samples loaded into the sample pool, about 6-8sec each) - should I be getting such a high load from the below as it doesn’t seem like a lot:

Mixer Unit #1 > Clocked Sample Player
Mixer Unit # 2 > Clocked Sample Player
Mixer Unit #3 > Voltage Bank 1 > Mixer #1 [Triangle Osc #1]
Mixer Unit #3 > Voltage Bank 1 > Mixer #2 [Triangle Osc #2]

I’m getting a scratching like sound coming through and figured it was from the ER-301, checked the CPU and it was almost to the top, but memory seemed okay. I’m also running the latest 0.4.08 using the 96kHz version of the OS. Will also try with the 48kHz version tonight to see if that makes a difference.

You can hear the scratch like sound clearly around 6:25 mark of the below video:

Thanks as always

I can’t speak for expected CPU load % per unit while on 96k, but I can say you’ll hear digital pops/scratches (edit: like at 6:25 in your video) when the CPU load gets above ~80%. Using 48k firmware will definitely help :+1:

The latest is v0.4.09 by the way :wink:

I attempted to reproduce this patch and only got the CPU up to 30% - 42% (depending on the speed of the Clocked Players). Perhaps this is not a complete description? I used:

  • 6 Mixer units
  • 2 Clocked Players
  • 2 Voltage Banks
  • 2 Triangle Osc

Or perhaps you are using the low-latency firmware?

Thanks Brian. I’m going to test again tonight with the latest firmware on 48kHz. I’m actually using less than you outline in your post (don’t believe I’m using the low latency version, just the 96kHz version).

  • 5 Mixer Units

  • 2 Clocked Sample Players

  • 1 Voltage Bank

  • 2 Triangle OSC’s

I’ll report back later tonight when I can test it out. I was thinking I should be able to get a lot more running!

Cheers and Happy Holidays!!

Switched up the firmware to the 48kHz version and the CPU load drops down to about 37/38% and no clicks/pops/scratches!

Diving back in! Thanks again.

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