High-quality basic oscs?

Hey! future owner here with a question.

In tutorials and the wiki I keep seeing “Aliasing saw” etc as the basic oscillator options. My question is if we can have oscs with waveforms with higher sample rates? Digital-sounding stuff with low sample-rate and harmonic count aren’t good for my specific needs and although most of my sound sources won’t be coming out of the 301 as a sound source but into it as a processing module, it would be nice to know that it provides an option for that kind of generation as well :slight_smile:

You can use any sample as a single cycle waveform. If you have oscillators you like you can sample them.

The single cycle unit allows you to add a multitude of single cycle samples and morph between them.

Yeah question is if the samples being used as single-cycle waveforms get downsampled in any way to preserve ram-space or can I just have a 1024-sample wave cycle for example.

No downsampling. Single cycle waves, even high res ones, are tiny. You can load any sample in and it will play it at the frequency you set it to.

How far this goes I’m not sure as I think you are ultimately limited by the bitrate of the firmware, which standard is 48khz but there is a 96khz version as well.

That’s pretty cool. I like to design wavetables on my PC from time to time so it’s nice to know they won’t get destroyed like on the E352 which requires downsampling sadly.

So this means that if I want to have high-res basic waveforms available on demand such as a normal sawtooth with like 2k samples per wave cycle, all I would need to theoretically make is a custom unit using something like Manual Grains?

I get so excited about this module, like, as much as maybe learning lua to develop on it. (I don’t know any programming languages except query languages as I work with data and don’t program anything)

No custom unit necessary there.
The above mentioned single cycle unit would be what you’ll start with, which is not covered by the wiki yet

oh that’s why I haven’t found it, it’s not yet in the wiki. Thank you!