Hjk Rob Chaos - chaotic generator

EDIT: updated to version 1.0


Hjk Rob Chaos
This is a chaotic values generator based on the Synthesis Workshop by Rob Hordijk and in particular the first he talks about in the Chaos section.
I recreated the formula:
X’ = 4 * X * (1-X)
using vca’s and offsets.
Feed it a clock in the clock input then the seed value sets the base number you feed the circuit when you hit the switch gate.

Use it to control the pitch of oscillators, to open filters or on whatever parameter you want to modulate.
free for ever and for every kind of use, microdonations welcome (paypal hyena666@gmail.com a coin if you feel so inclined :slight_smile: )


-seed value: the initial value to be sampled by the circuit (from 0 to 1). use the fader or send it modulations or external controllers\offset generators

-clock: the clock running the show, triggering the sample and hold at the base of the circuit. for now try audio rate only at your risk :slight_smile:

-switch: when switch is pressed the seed value is sampled. when not pressed the feedback inherent in the circuit does its magic
-scale: here you can scale and invert the output
-offset: here you can offset the output to better suit your modulation needs.


p.s. it tends to give extreme values, so better use it on frequency and attenuate rather than on 1v/oct
i’m working in refinements

OR: put in front of it a rational vca and divide down before going 1v/oct

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new version (1.0) up, with a little improvement and added scale and offset controls so you dont need to add VCA’s after it!
controls are the same with added

  • scale here you can scale and invert the output (it tends to output big numbers, so start small!)
  • offset here you can offset the output in order to better suit your modulation needs!
    HJK Rob Chaos 1.0.unit (31.3 KB)