Hold Mode (Doubt / Problem?)

I think I have a problem with HOLD mode.
I made an example video to try to make you understand.
Have a 3 devices here: one Variable Speed Player + LPF + one simple delay line.

I assigned 3 functions to PIN A (speed of VSP, frequency + resonance of the filter) and one function to PIN B (dry / wet of delay).
After setting the final values with commit, I can only make linear fades work on one PIN at a time.

if I had to try to make a blend of the two PINs using the faders, I can’t go back to the original values (so to speak the default ones with player speed at 1.0x filter at 0 and dry wt of the delay at minimum).

I don’t know if this behavior is contemplated in the design. To tell the truth it seems to me more a bug maybe in my software.

In summary: If I use the fader one at a time, the values for each PIN return to the default positions, if I try to make a blend then bringing the faders halfway for each pin, I can no longer return to the initial values. At the end of the video you can see how the delay no longer returns to the DRY state

Thanks in advance for any help.

This is the intended behavior for now. You are expecting an A/B fader but HOLD mode is not that. HOLD mode is a generalized version of the A/B fader.

The target values for each pinset represents a location (in parameter space) that you morph towards from the current location. When you engage a pinset and start morphing towards its target, then the other pinsets are disengaged.

In other words, you need a separate pinset for each saved value (or set of values). In your example, you would have at least 2 pinsets for the delay parameter.


Thanks Brian
I meant it more as a sort of ableton’s macro.
it would be convenient to change multiple parameters with a slider but that’s okay :slight_smile:

No prob. By the way, macro controls are already possible in the edit view. Create custom controls at the chain’s top level and use them to control whatever you want downstream via locals.

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Great:) I’ve The module from 2 weeks about.
I will go into it more deeply. thank’s for your job!:slight_smile: This is the best after sales service i have ever seen:)

Sorry Brian @odevices
there is a post a video or entry in the wiki that explains in more detail?
The chain’s top is the Global Chain?


No. Global chains are just sources that are assignable from anywhere. The top level of any chain is where pressing UP doesn’t do anything anymore.

I just mean the control editor accessible from any unit’s menu. Whenever you add a control to a unit (custom or not), you are essentially creating a macro control. All controls are macro since you can assign them to control multiple things via the locals screen of the source selector.

Here is a simple example. Suppose I have white noise feeding sequentially into 2 LPF units and I want to have a macro control for tuning both filters at the same time.


You could for example just add the macro tune control to the white noise unit:


Here I have added a pitch control and renamed it as just ‘tune’.


Now the white noise unit has a tune control which does nothing at the moment.

Here I assign each V/oct control of the LPF units to be modulated by the local ‘tune’ control created previously.

Notice that I have the Locals (S2) screen active here.



Here is the final chain:
macro-example.chain (4.7 KB)


all clear thanks :blush: