Hold mode performance feature requests

Hold mode has very quickly become an absolutely essential feature of the ER-301 for me. I treat it like the front plate of an patch, and I try to build it in a way that I don’t have to dig down very much while performing a piece. Since we can’t connect external CV and triggers to these parameters however (something that by design won’t ever change, if I am not mistaken), we are entirely dependent upon the encoder and buttons of the ER-301. I love our mighty encoder, but it’s not always ideal in a performance situation. Maybe we can make it better? Can we talk about improvements or possible shortcuts for common operations in this thread? In the 0.4 thread I suggested that [ENTER] on a pin-set label will push to 100%, and I was happy and proud to see it implemented :smiley_cat: I use this feature all the time. I may have some further suggestions:

  • When value is between 0 and 99%, [ENTER] will push to 100%
  • When value is 100%, [ENTER] will drop to 0% (this behavior seems like a logical counter-part of the previous)
  • Can we have a way to use the above features without being glued to the pin-set fader in the gui? With a double-click for example? What I mean is this: current behavior is push [ENTER] on a pin-set will lock the encoder to that pin-set, and requires [UP] to get back out. In the above idea of all-or-nothing values this is counter-intuitive because we don’t necessarily want to dial in an in-between value. Maybe we rather want to jump to the next pin-set quickly! So:
  • Focusing on a pin-set label allows to double-click on the M1-6 buttons for quick access to the push to 0 or 100% performance features. The encoder remains free to travel to the next pin-set if so desired (no [UP] required).
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I would like to be able to pin a custom control in a custom unit.


As far as I know there is no difference between custom controls and built-in-controls, at least I haven’t bumped into restrictions in that way. Maybe I’m not understanding what you mean exactly…?

I was trying to pin a custom control I made as part of a custom unit a while ago and there was no option to pin it. I’ve not checked recently so maybe it now works?

I just double-checked to make sure, but it works the same as any control (long pressing on the control and just choosing or adding a pin set).

We can cross this one off the list! :smile:

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Wait, where is it said that we will never be able to assign cv ? Why ?

So theres going to be no way to automate it ?

Sorry if im misunderstanding here…i have only read about hold mode…have not used it yet…

I can imagine it would require some serious rethinking of the way CV control is implemented. Imagine you have assigned CV to a control and then you pin it in hold mode and assign CV again to control the pin set? That’s the first problem I think of, but also design-wise I think CV routing belongs to edit mode.

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