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Hold mode?


Was daydreaming yesterday what the upcoming hold mode could be? Has @odevices revealed what this is yet?

My guess is locked settings almost like parameter slices you can sequence between?


The master of secrets appears loathe to share when the secret sauce is ready until it’s ready. He did reference recently that he’s on a new iteration of what it could be as he’s on a new tangent, but there were no details beyond hold being an upcoming feature that is still being carefully considered.

If I had to guess I’d say we’ll see something about it in v0.4.12 unless .12 ends up being an emergency fix for something else.


I’m getting stoked to find out. Seems like the firmware master has been working pretty hard on this one.


I thought hold mode was on…sorry…hold until 0 .5?

Did I imagine that?


I think it was nearly ready to go some weeks ago, so I don’t think it’s been deferred until .5… Hopefully, this breath-holding is starting to get taxing :smiley: