Holy wow.. just now realizing how V.A.S.T this module is

So one of my first synths 20 years ago was the Kurzweil K2000. What I remember of it is that it was the only (vaguely affordable) option that combined synthesis and sampling in a unified, programmable package… but it didn’t sound all that great as the only synth in the arsenal (Shpongle did great things with it tho…). I spent many many late nights exploring the architectures in V.A.S.T and always found something cool, but was typically left feeling disappointed by how few sweet spots its digital nature presented… that built in FX processor was hot garbage.

I bought the 301 because the demos of it being a looper/recorder and granular synth looked to be the solution to some workflow needs I had. Now that I’ve had mine for a week I’ve realized this thing is V.A.S.T… but better. And connected to a full modular synth.

Holy hell. Suddenly I’m excited for summer (which hasn’t even started here yet) to be over so I can spend a winter in front of it creating architectures under CV control and with the benefit of whatever proper analog processing is needed to get “the tone” I’m after.

@odevices thanks for all your work making this a reality, this is a 20 year fever dream of possibilities come to life :smiley: I may need a second one…

(the 101-102 combo is already showing some real promise as well)


You are VERY welcome :bowing_man:

V.A.S.T was good stuff especially considering what they had to work with technology-wise. However, the big advantage that we (as eurorack users & developers) have is the high-bandwidth integration with other hardware (i.e. other modules) as opposed to the tiny pipe allowed by MIDI.

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I’m already dumbfounded by the musical results I’m getting with nothing but some sine oscillators cross patched. It just sounds right, no need to tweak it until the aliasing and artifacts go away…

… then I add in the modulations from other modules (with their inherent HID) and wow just wow.

And it has plenty of neutral EQ options right there in the box. So good. So much of what I needed… and damn look at that list of operators I’ve only scrolled past so far :rofl:

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the er-301 is in my opinion the most incredible single piece of music technology ever.
i’m continually amazed by how deep you can go with such ease! this is due to its modular nature and to the incredible cleverness of the interface. i think i’m more comfortable patching on the 301 with its tiny (but beautiful) displays than on max\msp and reaktor on a big screen.
another strong point is the perfect standardization of the way modulation works: GAIN and BIAS. easy. multiply and offset.
this device is teaching me a lot of stuff, i’m studiyng analog computing on it, learning to translate mathematical expressions in racks of vca’s, offsets, mixers, all wired up in logical ways.
and then the sound: the adc\dac and the dsp work so great! i never had a single issue even working with multiple mixer channels on a single chain. the output is always crystal clear, dynamic, punchy.
i’m so glad i invested in this module and i’m really grateful to @odevices for creating it and empowering us sound artists with such an elegant and mighty tool.
perhaps it is not for everybody. i think the perfect target is one that wants to push the boundaries of music gear, willing to spend time experimenting, thinking about the patch, maybe even take notes of a peculiar architecture prior to realizing it. (even if it is so immediate i sometimes just fire the rig up, start with a couple simple units like @moogah said and a couple modulations and WOW, the sound is there).

can you feel i’m in love with this machine? :slight_smile:


Funny you mention VAST. I came to think of my old beloved K2000 more than a few times when using the Er-301 - and that’s a compliment. IMO the K2000 is one of the most underestimated synths/samplers of the early 90s (bought mine in 1993). Back then the combination of a almost modular synth structure, a sampler and quite advanced modulation possibilities for that price was a quantum leap. Other samplers where limited, but programming the K2000 you had the feeling that almost anything was possible The digital, glitchy sounds that the K2000 was able to do was new and fresh back then and complimented the various classic analog synths we owned very well. The Er-301 gives me a special adventurous sonic feeling that I haven’t had - perhaps since the K2000.

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