How are people muting tracks?

I’m curious to hear how other people are muting tracks.

Ways I can think to do it;

  • Using a Math transform and shift all gates to zero
  • Add all steps to a Group and multiply gate by zero (using 102)
  • Play Part 0 (using 102)

Curious about this diy unit :slight_smile:

Ah, I ment this video actually

that diy expander looks very useful!
i mostly have it wired up with the 4ms vca matrix, triggers/gates only, that way i can reroute the gate information to different voices, so they aren’t directly coupled with the corresponding cv outputs which is good to alter sequences, eg routing a 6 step gate sequence to a 13 step pitch sequence etc…

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Im talking about on the modules themselves, not using other external switches or mutes.

ah ok, i use part 0 to stop all tracks.
i think you listed all other options above.
if you use different clocks for each track you could stop the tracks by muting the incoming clocks.

You can also mute on the way out using something like a Precision Adder or through a VC Switch/ VCA, etc.