How are you all triggering one-shot samples?

I’m using a keystep to trigger one-shots (pretty clumsily, by manually repatching the gate output to different inputs on the ER-301 mid-performance).

It’s not a great use of the keystep, obviously, given what else it can do!

I want to be able to trigger one-shot vocal verses, etc, by hand rather than by timing and programming them in advance. I was looking at the malekko twins, but again, not sure they’re the most appropriate fit here. I’m probably going to use them for percussion at some point.

The BitBox and 4ms stereo sampler have come onto my radar, I’m just looking into ways of doing this on the ER-301 for now to try and keep things simple.

So yeah, what do you use for that kind of thing?

I haven’t done it personally but you could use a combination of a pitch CV and a gate with some bump mappers and VCAs to use different keys on a monophonic keyboard to trigger different samples. As long as you aren’t planning on triggering more than one sample at a time.

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This seems like a really good use for hold mode.

Set your sample players up on a chain, each inside a mixer. Configure them as one-shots.

Then go to the gate control on each of the sample players, long press on the gate control until a little menu pops up. On the first one do “pin to new”. Name your pin set. Something like “one shots” (or whatever).

On the rest of the sample player gate controls repeat as above, this time selecting pin to “one shots” (or whatever you called it).

Then flip the right rocker switch to hold mode. You’ll see all the gate controls there and the M1-6 buttons will trigger the samples. You can rename each of the gates in hold mode to something more sensible.


Thanks both for the suggestions. I think using the m1-6 buttons would be especially helpful in terms of keeping it all in-rack (saving the day as usual, cheers Joe!)

I’m going to try these both out tomorrow, appreciate the help guys


Just a word of warning with Hold mode. See my recent thread below. The pin assignments don’t seem to be remembered when saving within a chain unfortunately. The only way is via a Quicksave but apparently the chain saving used to work. I’m hoping that’ll be fixed as that’ll make the Hold/Pin function much easier to save and share. Also doesn’t waste valuable Quicksave slots.

(I learnt the hard way by creating this huge pin matrix, saved it via a chain, reopened it and zero saved parameters :weary: )

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