How does the 301 compares to the morphagene?

I am being tempted to pre-order a Morphagene, but is it worth it already owning an ER-301 ? How would both compare on the control department ?

I used to have a Phonogene (sold it to fund my ER-301). I’ve read about the Morphagene, but I don’t think is as lo-fi, which is what I loved about the Phonogene despite it’s super short sample time. I think they’re really different beasts than the ER-301.

I think that the ER-301 will be able to do many similar things once the granular units come along. The reason you would buy a Morphagene (in my opinion) would be the limitations of it and it’s interface, as it is not as open ended as the ER-301.

Just bashed the hell out of a Morphagene in Schneiders today - ER-301 wins hands down by a very long mile (IMHO)

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That clears my mind … can’t wait for mine to arrive should be in 8 days … The morphogene actually looks like a vintage tape delay machine with a modern twist. Can’t wait to get my ER-301 !

i just ordered my 301 tonight. so excited to play with this thing and even more excited for all the new possibilities it will invite. i won’t be selling my phonogene or bitbox or even grandpa for that matter, though. i love the phonogene…nothing quite like it. morphagene looks beautiful, but honestly a lot of times they redo a classic, it gets more clean sounding and less crazy. apples and oranges, but i’ll be quite happy with both :ok_hand:

I have both and definitely appreciate having both. The Morphagene’s interface is more immediate and the controls are set. I really like how you can record new audio to a new splice (and new audio to current splices). And the morph feature is really fun. I feel like the Morphagene is more prone to happy accidents.

The 301 feels a bit more precise. The new splice shift feature gets it closer to Morph/Phonogene functionality. On the 301, it would be awesome to set and modulate splice length as well. You can get happy accidents with the 301 as well, but you have to lead it down that path.

Both are appreciated.


So have someone actually tried to replicate a morphagene with a ER-301?

Would be awesome if they did!

Still not entirely possible yet, may not ever be. You can do some of the same type of granular/sample mangling sounds though.

I don’t think there’s any way to replicate the ‘Morph’ function. You can’t record to new splice. ‘Slide’ (scrubbing through the sample) doesn’t work in quite the same way.

Would be interesting to try to make a mini version, but you get most of the functions from the as-is sample player or time-stretching unit.

Combining the 301 and the Morphagene would definitely offer some insane possibilities. Especially because you can get trigs out of the 301 and you get the end of splice trig and cv out from the Morphagene. This is something I´ve been trying to investigate but I usually soon realize that I better get the basics down with signal path and the use of samplers and granular stuff with the 301. :slight_smile: I´ve had a lot of fun with the Morphagene and the pedal looper in the 301.

i think the morphagene is unique to itself. but i did emulate a dld well IMO. i always prefer the original over the clone, like christian rock. or vegan mac and cheese.
but- when i loop with three mixers, i get something even better than morphagene sometimes. first mixer contains original loop capturer, with a reset every two bars. second mixer contains a sampler player playing the original buffer but half speed. the vca in it is opened rhythmically for effect. third mixer contains manual grains into a vcf/reverb combo. yay.

did this for my last show and it worked awesome.


very nice. I like that approach… instead of emulating, creating exploring possibilities…:slight_smile:


Is there anything in any of the ER-301 samplers/loopers that works the way the Morph parameter works on Morphagene? This is where as you turn the Morph knob clockwise, the loop begins to loop on top of itself, and the further clockwise you turn, the more the loop is looping over itself. Does the ER-301 have a feature like this?

I don’t have a morpha but you can play with the end parameter on manual grains increasing/decreasing its length looping the sample faster/slower, not sure if you mean that

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