How many effects has the integrated DSP?

I have seen that there are delay effects on the video demo, are there more effects or plans to add more effects in the future ?

Thanks !

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I was just thinking the same thing not long ago - first and foremost, I would love to see a reverb implemented. Obviously that’s not the only thing I would like to see, but if I had to pick just one, that would be at the very top of my list.

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Not sure it has the power, but it would be very cool if it could function as a full-blown multieffects processor.

I see no reason to put a maximum on the number of effects algorithms coded into the ER-301. Of course, the number of effects that you can run simultaneously will be finite but well within the range of “useful”.

The bottleneck in this regard is me. So after I get basic functionality stable, the priority will be opening the platform up to anyone who wants to write their own units.

My intuition tells me that simple building blocks coded to support high quality audio-rate CV modulation will give the most interesting results. CV is my queen.


Wow … so exciting, this project is amazing ! Thank you Brian …

I’m secretly hoping Valhalla DSP writes a version of his ‘Halls of Valhalla’ Z-DSP card for the ER301!

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


Secretly hoping? I think we should beg Sean to consider it.


Yeah, your right!

I guess it depends on the framework of the plugin with respect to licensing etc before Sean would be able to decide.

me too! I’d happily pay for it aswell…

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If not HoV then the MI code for OliVerb could probably be ported… as I understand it the two languages used are quite different though!

Also there are quite a lot of convolution reverbs knocking about in open source land, a friend and myself just put on in our online synth - it’s very very nice!!


Someone please do this when its possible :smiley:

I said this wish aloud to a friend of mine the other day! Arghhh that would be awesome.

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I have a dream where all of the audio code could be ported to work in some way for the 301 - Rossum Morpheus filter? Sugarbytes WOW2 etc…

It would be really cool to add some nice reverbs in there … what is the memory limit ? How many effects can be stored and is the processor strong enough to have like 4 effects at the same time ? That would be what an MPC 1000 can do. Are you serious when you say the guys who wrote the Valhalla card could port it to the 301 ?

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i would also LOVE to see some reverb units! hope it wouldn’t be too taxing on the cpu though!
any plans of a reverb unit any time soon?

Convolution reverb all the way!!

A reverb with the ability to freeze the reverb trail and play it v/oct like a pad would be excellent. Also a shimmer effect to go on top of that would be awesome!

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Easily achievable with a clocked looper after a reverb unit (hopefully we get a verb unit! :slight_smile:

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has there been any more thought or progress on a er-301 reverb unit?
also still curious about a shimmer unit too. Joe’s comb filter is pretty good for a shimmer like effect, but perhaps a actual shimmer unit could be better.

I would loose my mind for a convolution reverb unit. Imagine loading all the impulses on the card or using your own samples. I’m sure you could make some pretty amazing responses with some vactrols.
Please please please make a convolution reverb unit!