How to bypass an Unit?

I was making a demo of the ER-301 to a friend and couldn’t figure out how to bypass a unit (with an external Gate).

What did i miss ??

you could make a momentary signal mute by adding a vca following any unit in a chain you want to 'stop", opened or closed via external gate.

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Edited the title.

You can bypass a Unit, but not control that remotely.

If you press on the left-most soft key, under the unit name, the smaller of the two screens should show the bypass control.

Thanks, i’m aware of that.
I just need a gate/trigger control of the on/off state of units. Two options would be nice :

  • toggle on/off with a trigger
  • set on/off accordingly to a gate state.

So it’s currently impossible ? I think it’s severely lacking especially if you use the ER-301 as an effect unit.

May I suggest that the proposed Cross-fade unit is a better solution?


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I don’t really get what the problem is, there’s plenty of ways to achieve both requirements currently; and we already know there’s a load more units coming that will help with things like this :slight_smile:

For the Gate scenario, patch the gate to a VCA with a gain of 1 wherever in your chain you would like to control the signal- as soon as the gate is received the VCA opens and you’re golden. If you want to get a little bit more creative you could send the incoming signal to two chains and use the same gate to switch over a VCA on each mixer channel; set one mixer to be clean and the other processed, give each channel a VCA, the clean one open by default, processed one closed by default. Then use the gate signal to swap over the VCA states.

For the Toggle/Trigger scenario it takes a little more thinking about, but I am sure there will be a way.

Cross fading is a much smarter idea, there are a couple of cross fader solutions already on here, just search for ‘cross fader’ and they come up.

So much is possible already, looking forward to seeing how everything shapes up for the official release when it is officially out of beta!!

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The crossfading solution with two VCAs seems a decent solution for now, thanks !

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Hi! I know it’s a pretty old post, but I was about to write a new one about bypassing units and then I saw that @chapelierfou already thought about this …

I’m using several patches with a lot of loopers and manual grains for live performances. I can not keep all of them running as the CPU cost would be too high, so in order not to load anything while playing I keep some of them bypassed so they not use CPU resources, and then when I need them I switch off manually the ones I don’t need anymore and on the new ones. For this I see the possible use of gates and triggers very useful. Does anybody think so? Did you find an alternative way of doing this?

It has been requested several times to be able to control bypass with gate/cv. Not sure if @odevices is going to implement it, but I for one would really love it, for the exact reasons you mention…